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Pandupole, A Mythological Site Located In The Lap Of Nature

If you get to travel to the Sariska National Park, the abode of tigers in the Western India state of Rajasthan, then there are some very interesting places to explore nearby. For those enjoying mythological tales of the Mahabharata era, Pandupole is a must visit the location. The rocky terrain has mystical tales weaved within its confines about the Pandava brothers having visited there.

Tales of Pandavas, Hanuman and Nature’s beauty

Padupole is said to be the place where Bheema, the strongest of the Pandava brothers, defeated the demon Hidimb and then married his sister Hidimba. It is also believed that the Pandavas stayed there for some time during their exile. Another legend of the place says that Bheema had made a huge hole in the mountain at Pandupole with his ‘gada’ (a club) for the Pandavas to pass through to a safe place. The mountain with a huge vertical gap at Pandupole is said to be a testimony of the event.


Pandupole has an ancient Hanuman Temple, which is visited by many devotees, especially on Tuesdays and Saturdays. There is an annual fair organized at the temple in the month of August-September, based on auspicious dates in Hindu calendar. Thousands of people visit Pandpole Hanuman Temple during the festivities. In Mahabharat there is an incident of Bheema meeting Hanuman during their exile days, devotees believe Pandupole is the same place. The idol of Hanuman in the temple is in a sleeping position, which is not quite common.

Apart from mythological and religious importance, Pandupole is also a place for nature lovers. The proximity to Sariska means there is presence wildlife especially monkeys and a lot of bird species. The area has a variety of trees. There is a 40 feet waterfall next to the Hanuman temple and it is a picturesque site during monsoon months when the cascading waters enchant the visitors. Since it is near to Alwar city, many town dwellers visit the place to enjoy a day in the lap of nature. There are other attractions like Karnakabas Lake, Brahmnath, Kalighati Chauki, and Bhaironghati on the way to Pandupole.

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How to go to Pandupole?

The historical place is located within the borders of the Sariska Tiger Sanctuary, so the permission of the forest department is needed to enter the zone. People can take their own cars to Pandupole or hire forest department affiliated vehicles. Pandupole is at bout 55 km distance from the town of Alwar, which is well connected by road and railways.

Featured Photo of ‘Pandupole’ by Adityavijayavargia under CC BY-SA 4.0

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