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Are you looking for a fantastic hill station where you can enjoy the wide natural beauty with your loved ones? How about making your trip to Panchgani which is a great hills station of cool ambiance and more to explore? This beautiful hill station is located at Maharashtra at Satara district. This is a popular destination where you can find the beautiful scenic views. If you are looking for a place where you need to free up your stress and tensions having a great relaxation then Panchgani would be the best choice. For a perfect vacation, you can choose this destination where you can explore a lot viewing up the natural beauty. There are many perfect spots at Panchgani where you can explore and enjoy the beauty of nature. There are also some temples where you can see some historic touch and traditions. The flat table land in Panchgani makes it looks more exhilarating. Panchgani- Amazing Hill Station to Enjoy

Panchgani photo


Photo by Ankur P

Reaching Panchgani:

You can easily reach to this wonderful destination by getting down at the Pune airport which is located at a distance of 98 km’s from Panchgani. You can take a car or any bus transport from Pune airport to Panchgani. If you are looking to take up the journey by rail, you can get down at Pune railway station and reach here same or even if you plan to get connected through roads you can do the same driving from Pune. There is lots of transportation facilities are available to this destination that you do not have to worry. You can have a good time spending here with your families.

Best time:

Although the temperature is cool here almost the year the weather conditions here are good for people to enjoy the amazing views is from September to may where you can enjoy the natural beauty of this hill station which is covered with trees and lots of greenery including silver oaks and forests which enhance the beauty of this hill station at its fullest.

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Major destinations at Panchgani:

There are many famous hotspots which you can visit in Panchgani that excellence the beauty of this wonderful place.
Parsi point:  It is an absolutely stunning spot which ou can find in Panchgani at a distance of 2 kms. The name parsi point” got from the parsi community and it is a great destination where you can have a good view over the entire Panchgani and there would be a small entrance fee which you should pay. You can get a clear view of the mountains covered with greenery and a real beauty of the Krishna valley making it an amazing viewpoint for you to enjoy.
Dhom Dam: Dhom dam is another valuable hotspot which you should not miss out. It is about 21 km’s from Panchgani and it is a perfect spot to have a one day trip. It is a great dam with 50 feet high and there is a dam lake which is followed by an extension of the backwaters from the dam. There are lots of adventurous activities which you can have in this spot. The boating activities are popular here and there is a boat club located near to the dam where you will be provided with speed boats and more to explore and start your adventure. This is a wonderful spot where you can have lots of fun and more enjoy the scenic attractions
Rajpuri Caves: It is the best destination where is about 7km distance from Panchgani hill station. If you want to have something related to traditional then you must visit this destination which is very ancient one. The specialty of this place is that there are four caves which have got many water ponds around making it an attraction. The ancient belief is like if someone takes bath in this kind of water they will get cured of all kinds of diseases. During the months of January and February, the special festival of thaipooyam is celebrated here. There is a cave entrance through which you can get into this amazing spot. This magnificent cave is a fantastic one.
Devil’s Kitchen: It is a great destination which is near to Panchgani and that is about 2 km’s. It is a great sightseeing spot where tourists visit. It is of near to table land and therefore a walking is preferred to this spot. There are the cave and lots of greenery fed into this wonderful spot giving it an excellent natural beauty all over.
Sydney point: It is a hill co where you can have spectacular views of Panchgani, dhom dam, and Krishna Valley. The charming attraction of this place is beyond words that you will be really interested in viewing this destination that is extreme for nature beauty. This is a great view which you can have and make sure you definitely visit this spot which is not any difficulty to reach.

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Panchgani photoPhoto by Ankur P

Stay at Panchgani:

If you are planning for a weekend trip and stay then you can find many hotels near to Panchgani where you can have your accommodation. If you want to really enjoy the nature beauty and click out photographs watching each and every hotspot at this hill station then it is better to take up the stay and enjoy the luxury nature. Even there are many agencies through which you book also so that you will be provided with the guides and who can take you to the perfect spots and let you have a great time. Staying at Panchgani is not a big deal and you act now really enjoy the beautiful hill station spending good days enjoying the nature wonders. You can have some fond memories of this beautiful hill station and splendid moments to cherish. It is a spot where you can get a peaceful ambiance. You can relax and make your mindset have a positive feeling visiting this destination. Capture stunning viewpoints of this spot and prepare your journeys to explore and make it adventurous to the extreme.

Featured Photo by Ankur P

Panchgani- Amazing Hill Station To Enjoy

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