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Pachmarhi Utsav, The Vivid Celebration Of Art And Culture!

Through the world, India is known for its myriad cultures and flavors. Our rich and diverse country is home to several festivals, events, and celebrations. Among the several festivals, a popular one is the Pachmarhi Utsav.

Art and culture have traveled hand in hand in India. We have celebrated our local and regional arts through the country in various forms and ways. The rich and layered fabric of Indian culture is embossed with our love and devotion to art. Despite the increasing globalization, we haven’t forgotten our roots. In fact, we are closer to our heritage in many ways. Young Indians and citizens are becoming aware of our customs and traditions. We want the whole world to know what a legacy we come from. This is being done by holding exhibitions, events, and festivals. It is also a great chance for local artisans, craftsmen and villagers to showcase their talent. Thanks to social media, these events are getting more attention and importance. The world is waking up to India and her lineage.

Madhya Pradesh is at the center of India. Often called as the ‘heartland’, it truly embodies Indian spirit and vivacity. The state is known across the country for its culture, art, cuisine, and craftsmanship. A lot of tourists visit the flamboyant Rajasthan and don’t realize this gem of a state right next to it. The region is abundantly blessed with natural beauty and panoramic views. Hill stations, mountains, lush flowing rivers, thick dense forests, and stunning wildlife are just some of the things you will find in Madhya Pradesh. There is something for everybody here! While there is a lot that one can see and do, there is one thing you definitely can’t miss! The Pachmarhi Utsav held annually is a memorable event for tourists and travelers.

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A legendary place in Indian mythology, Pachmarhi is a beautiful hill station in Madhya Pradesh. The city is called so because of the 5 (Pach) Caves (Marhi) that were reportedly built by the Pandavas. Religious people and believers flock here to view these caves standing proud even today. The scenic city can be accessed by train, flight or road. Tourists and travelers can catch a flight from any major city to Bhopal or Jabalpur. You will have to catch a private taxi or cab from the airport to Pachmarhi. Trains run from all parts of India to Pipariya, which is the nearest big junction. From Pipariya, travelers will have to catch a bus or cab. The best time to visit it is between November- March every year. Summers can be really hot and unbearable so avoid planning a trip during the months of April-June.

The magnificent Pachmarhi Utsav is held annually in December. The weather is cool and the evenings are pleasant. Starting on 25th December, the festival lasts for 6 days and ends on New Year’s Day. This gem of an event is rarely known in tourist circles which is a shame. Families, couples, art enthusiasts and curious travelers need to visit it and be amazed! Skip the raucous parties and expensive New Year celebrations. Instead spend your Christmas in this quaint, cool town which hosts art, dance, and music performances. Tourists can sit under the open starry night and enjoy cultural programs. Food stalls are available across the town serving local and regional delicacies. The ‘chaat’ of Madhya Pradesh is a dish you definitely must try! Artists can showcase their art and craft in museums and exhibitions for viewers to savor. There are many lodges, restaurants, and hotels for tourists to choose from. Expect clean, basic rooms with simple amenities. Attending the Pachmarhi Utsav is a unique and special way to connect with the culture and art of India. The Pachmarhi Utsav also makes for an offbeat and interesting holiday! What are you waiting for? Book your tickets now!

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