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If you are a resident of Pune and Mumbai and wondering what to do this weekend, then you can go for strawberry picking Panchgani. In this context, it is interesting to note that Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar are two prime destinations where the individuals can truly unwind in the lush green surroundings. Moreover, with the advent of winters, the two beloved hill stations usually sports a wide array of strawberry farms. You can find a lot of luscious red strawberries at every corner of this place. The fruit picking Panchgani festival is one of those unique festivals where you can eat them to the content of your heart. Panchgani is a favorite hill station which is situated in the midst of the Sahyadri ranges.

Strawberry picking Panchgani as your ideal activity

You must have heard about various festivals related to farm produce from all across the world. But in strawberry picking Panchgani festival, you can pluck the products of the farm and can taste it by yourself. Many of these farms are located in Mahabaleshwar region which is picturesque to the true essence. The strawberry lovers can come and savor this delectable fruit. As a visitor to the Bhilare Farm, you would get a chance to stroll through the strawberry plantation rows. There would be nobody to stop you from plucking these fruits.

Panchgani Strawberry photo











Photo by Bernard Oh

A brief on the strawberry plantation in India

Strawberries are first introduced by the British in India, and since that time, they have been quite popular among the Indian population. In this context, it is important to note that 85 percent of the whole strawberries that have been produced in India come from the farms of Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar. It is so because the red soil and cold climate are vital factors that render them their delicious taste. It is also important to note that many of these farms are inviting tourists to pick strawberries for them. Many can also take these fruits into their home too.

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Other types of strawberry festivals located in Mahabaleshwar

There are many festivals related to strawberry in the Mahabaleshwar region. In these kinds of celebrations, the tourists and visitors can have the opportunity to taste fresh farm strawberries. These festivals usually last for four days, and if you have planned a tour to the state of Maharashtra, then you can visit these farms. These farms are ideal for unwinding and can take away a lot of your efforts. It is also interesting to note that apart from strawberries, there are other fascinating aspects for which you should visit these farms. It is a widely accepted fact that Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar are well known for their scenic beauties. They are one of those hill stations in which a visitor can truly unwind in the close contact with Mother Nature.

Other types of entertainment in these farms

At the time of relishing free strawberries, you can also opt for indulging yourselves in the local Lezim dance. It is a kind of folk dance that is mainly organized in the state of Maharashtra. As a performer, you can swing your foot by keeping in mind the music synchronization. The small musical instrument in the hand is known as Lezim. It also comprises of chiming cymbals attached to them. You can also enjoy live orchestra strumming. You can also request the musicians to play your favorite music on behalf of you. You can also visit the watercolor tattoos as well as various stalls of cosmetics. You can also opt to visit the Mehendi shops. These shops have skilled artisans who would sketch lovely designs on your hand as per your wishes.

Strawberry festival photo






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Photo by WalterPro

The famous strawberry picking Panchgani activities in these picturesque farms

If you still cannot get enough of the fruit, you should just head out for a strawberry picking walk. The many rows of these strawberry farms would help you to be at peace with your surroundings in a proper manner. In this fun-filled festival, it is guaranteed that you would make many fascinating memories.

Featured Photo bychirag_jog

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