Ocean Park – Amusement Park At Gandipet Near Hyderabad

Ocean Park is one of the best amusement and water park in India located in Gandipet, 20 km away from the city of Hyderabad. Spread over an area of 15 acres of land, the park hosts world-famous amusement rides and water rides along with several multi-cuisine restaurants.

The amusement park is opened from 11 AM to 7:30 PM Monday to Sunday. The water park is opened from 11 AM to 6 PM Monday to Sunday.

There are several private and government buses, auto rickshaws and cabs available from Hyderabad city to the Ocean Park. The nearest railway station is Mehadipatnam. Locals trains operate frequently between Hyderabad/Secunderabad and Mehadipatnam. From the station, you can avail a local bus to reach the park premises.

The Rides

The Super Thrilling Water Slides

The slides carry the riders through water rafts and logs gliding them through multiple twists and turns. The endpoint is a sudden halt and drops into huge water pools drenching and spluttering all. The key rides are Aqua Trail, Aqua Glide, Crazy Cruise, Zip Zap Zoom, Pendulum, Tornado, Multi-Lane, and Hara-Kiri. Some of them rise up to a height of almost 100 feet enthralling the enthusiast visitors with their electrifying experiences.

The rain dance or shower dance floor in the park is sure to delight the visitors, soaking the fun-filled dancers with the sprinklers and water jets spluttering out from different directions. Accompanied with feet tapping music beats, it creates a jovial ambiance uplifting the spirit of each and every individual.

The Wave pool is a perfect place for the water-loving enthusiasts cheering their way swimming and dribbling into the artificial sea waters. The visitors enjoy wading across the waves amidst a huge flow of blue mirrored waters.

Kids Rides

There are plenty of amusements to charm the kids inside the park. The Jumping Frog and the Peacock train offers a jolly ride in circular revolving motions. The Pirate Ship sways the little ones seated onto it left and right directions moving up and down with the breezing air. The Candor, Free Fall, Sun-Moon and multiple play games keep the kids engaged throughout the day as they giggle and chirp around merrily.

Amusement Rides

These adrenaline rush rides will keep you on your toes as you board them and whizz off in excitement. Break Dance rotates and revolves you simultaneously entertaining the audience with its intensifying speed. The Super Jet and the High Swingers are two other rides that enthrall the riders equally offering a fun-filled experience.

Ladies Pool

The park hosts water rides, especially for women and kids. Pools designed for toddlers are also pretty much present inside the park. Wave slide, Wide Slide, Tube Slide, and Tilting Buckets are some of the main attractions of the area.

Special Rides

In addition to the free rides, there are quite a number of special rides which demand an extra price for availing them. Bumping cars are one of them where you ride alone or with a companion, dashing and striking at fellow cars. Super loop is another daredevil ride, with numerous loops turning the whole body into a complete 360 degrees movement upwards and backward. A rope-way or cable car will carry you across the park within its beautiful cabins.


The park is a home for sports enthusiasts as well. Multiple options are available for playing cricket and other field games.  In the water park, facilities for jet skiing and scuba diving are present for visitors interested in water sports and activities.

Other than the rides, you can take a break to munch at the bakery and chill yourself at the ice-cream parlor. While you spend a whole day at the park, it is very essential to keep your stomach filled up to keep on with the pace of enjoyment and energy. The park offers restaurants serving Indian and Chinese dishes to satisfy your hunger. The food court consists of 20 different food stalls to pick and choose your favourite dishes.

The guests even have options of staying near the park premises at a guest house to continue their entertainment spree in the park for consecutive days.

With its beautiful blooming landscaped gardens, international standards amusement rides and state of the art facilities, Ocean Park is a perfect weekend getaway for the locals as well as for the tourists visiting Hyderabad.

Featured Photo of ‘the wave pool 2’ by Swaminathan under CC BY 2.0

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