Nohkakikai Falls At Meghalaya – The Tallest Waterfall In India

Meghalaya, the Scotland of the East, is one of the eccentric treasures of India. Lush green forests, sprawling mountains and gushing waterfalls adorn its exotic landscape. Travel freaks visit this wondrous state every year to quench their wanderlust desire. One such amazing and spectacular travel destination is Nohkalikai Waterfalls in Cherrapunji. Plunging from an enormous 1115 feet high, it offers a fascinating view of the whitish misty waters amid the dense greenery.

The Unique Beauty of the Falls

The falls is considered to be the tallest in the country. Its admirable beauty has been attracting tourists from different parts of India and all around the world. The floating clouds create a magical world around the adjacent surroundings. The mind feels like traversing through the snowy waters and immerse completely into nature’s enigmatic wonder.

The view of the falls splashing through the rocky cliffs entertains the inquisitive mind seeking beauty at each nook and corner of the place. The vast landscape encircling the falls, the gorgeous cliffs and the magnificent mountain ranges attracts the visitors to its core. Its enigmatic natural décor is a proof of Mother Earth’s shower of divine blessings on the place.

A Place of Joy for the Nature Admirers

At the vicinity of the falls, you can find a shade and a sign of Nohkalikai Falls. Visitors stand beneath the shade to observe the eccentric wonders of the falls in front of their eyes. Such is its captivating aura, you feel embracing in your arms the dreamy view. The sound of the waters echoes through the entire landscape, soothing music for the years.

The most interesting part of the Falls is the constant hide and seek play with the clouds. One moment the gushing waters vanishes in between the clouds. The next moment it appears with all its grandeur and charm. The experience will force you to squeal in joy as you witness the enthralling display of God’s gift to the human world.

Photographers can spend a wonderful time clicking on some awesome pictures of the place. The misty cloudy atmosphere coupled with the breathtaking scenery is ideal for a poster perfect shot.

Many painters and artists have been influenced by the enchanting beauty of the Falls. The result being an innumerable creation of paintings, wallpapers and portraits of the Falls and its spectacular surroundings.

During the monsoons, especially the place is transformed into a fairyland. The volume of the falls manifolds itself presenting a scintillating view for the travel enthusiasts. The greenery encompassing it is magnified, uplifting the beauty to its highest degree. The beauty is limitless and you can only realize once you visit the place.

Ease of commute

You must definitely hire a cab to visit the falls. The drive from Cherrapunji towards the falls is heavenly. The journey through the elevated land will leave you awestruck. The beauty unfolds itself as you start approaching the cliff. There is a short hiking route to reach the premises of the Falls. As you start walking, the entire area engulfs you into a world of enigmatic wonders. Watching the waters drop down into a pool at the bottom is a beautiful sight. The reflection of the green vegetation on the pool waters is another stunning experience.

Meghalaya has its airport at Shillong, which you can avail to reach Cherrapunji and then drive down to the Falls. The other option is to reach Guwahati airport and then hire a cab. It is another marvellous journey from the airport to Cherrapunji.

Many poets, authors and painters have referred the Falls in their creations and artworks. Its beauty is unparalleled and worthy of millions of appreciation. It’s a place to unwind your minds and refreshes your soul. Do not miss to add it in your bucket list while you plan your travel to Meghalaya.

Nohkalikai Falls is one of the prominent tourist destinations in the state as well as in India. You will feel to return back many more times after your visit. Its beauty is like a magnet dragging you towards into inner core. Standing at its vicinity for ages will not tire you even for a minute. A quiet walk along with the view point or even climbing down the stairs to reach more closer to the falls will leave you spellbound. It’s an ideal place for experiencing complete serenity and calmness.

Featured Photo of ‘Noh Kali Kai Falls Cherrapunji’ by Hrishikesh Sharma under CC BY-SA 2.0

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