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Navadurga Temple – The Ultimate Option To Worship Durga In Goa

The festivities surrounding Navadurga puja is really delightful, and there’s no denying the fun associated with it. Homemade delicacies blend with blissful fragrances of smoky puja offerings are undoubtedly one hell of an experience. But, wait, this is just for the ones dedicated towards worshipping the Goddess (read God in overall). But how about traveling to a temple where just a glance of the Goddess would leave you with goosebumps? If you’re a dedicated devotee, this experience would only make you search for the perfect discoverable answer to it. After all, everyone doesn’t understand the spirituality associated with visiting a temple. After all, there must be certain spiritual evidence that temples have despite being religiously popular, isn’t it? You might be wondering how on earth a nonliving idol placed in a temple or house can bring goosebumps right after having a single glance of it, right? If that’s what you’re wondering, here’s why paying a visit to Navadurga Temple in Goa might make you find the answer to it! Read on to know about one of the best temples in Goa.

An Introduction to the Navadurga Temple in Goa

At around 26 kms of distance from the Panjim Kadamba, 31 kms of distance from the Margao Railway Station, and 42 kms of distance from Vasco Da Gama station, you are going to find the Shri Navadurga Temple in Goa which is located near the North Goa.

The temple of Shri Navdurga is located in Madkai in Ponda. This temple is solely dedicated to Navadurga Goddess. The deity has been brought originally from the village of Ganvshi in Tiswadi Taluka. This particular temple happens to be five hundred years old and has been renovated in 1603 AD.

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The temple’s presiding deity is worshipped at the temple and happens to be the fierce Durga form who is better known as Mahishasuramardini. The idol is made up of stone and is placed on the platform in the temple’s Garbhagriha. This idol is kept in a standing position and happens to be four feet of height. The neck is bent slightly to its left, this deity highly venerated in the land of Goa. A glimpse of Nava Durga photos will offer more information! From the Nava Durga photos, you can also get a glimpse of other deities at this temple are Betala, Lord Ganesh, Grampurush, Narayana, and Ravalnath. The palanquin or Palakh of the Goddess is taken out every month on Shukla Navami. A whopping percentage of devotees gather here at the temple in November right from Chaturthi to the ending event known as Dashami. This is the annual Jatra. Another festival celebrated here is better known as Navaratri.

The Portuguese forceful conversion made this deity get shifted from Gavasim to its present location. Daivadnyas and Saraswats after leaving North Goa established the Goddess’s temple in her honor and revered her in a total of nine different places. If you wish to pay a visit to this particular temple, then you should know about best time to visit the temple.

Best Time to Visit Navadurga Temple

It is believed that chanting Nava Durga mantra would give you immense power to fulfill your desires. The Nava Durga mantra is powerful enough to bring you happiness in life. Talking about the best time to visit the temple, if you can manage the crowd during the peak time, then a visit to the Navadurga Temple in Goa would be an incredible affair during the month of November. Also, you can pay a visit to the temple during the time of Navaratri as well.

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Wrap up

Now that you know everything about the temple and the best time to visit Navadurga Temple, you can book your tickets for the next trip to this part of Goa and worship Goddess Navadurga accordingly. This compiles everything to know about one of the best temples in Goa – Navadurga Temple in Goa.

Featured Photo of ‘Baina Beach 6.8.16’ by Joegoauk Goa under CC BY-SA 2.0

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