Nati Folk Dance Of Himachal Pradesh

Nati is the popular folk dance of Himachal Pradesh. The dance has its origin in Kullu, in Himachal Pradesh. The Himachali folk dances portray the simple Pahari lifestyle. Besides, graceful swaying dance movements, the Kullu Nati dance was also listed in the Guinness Book of world records in the year 2016. Men and women dressed in traditional attire dance in circles or rows to folk music. There is no gender bias or caste distinction associated with this folk dance. There are several forms of this folk dance of which Lahauli Nati, Mahasu Nati, Kinnauri Nati and Sirmauri Nati are the most famous.

The Graceful Mahasu Nati

Hai Hai Meri Shobli Promila 

Oye Oye Meri Shobli Promila

…..Tere Pyaar Mein Paagal Mai Promila.

These are not the lyrics of a blockbuster Hindi song. They are the melodious lyrics of the song sung for the Mahasu folk dance. Mahasu refers to the province of Shimla and Sloan. The dance is performed in honour of Lord Mahasu. It is an important part of the Mahasu Devta fair held every year in August. The dancers sway to the tune of the melodious ballads portraying the lifestyle of the people in that region. Women adorn themselves in colourful kurtas and tie a red colour dupatta on their head. Men additionally wear colourful headgear and hold a  handkerchief in their hand. The slow graceful movements of the dance performance, on the songs sung by the local musicians, represent the culture and age-old traditions of the region.

The Vibrant Kinnauri Nati

The Kinnauri Nati is performed to welcome the new year. The melodious folk songs represent the sowing and reaping process of the crops. The dance is comparable to the Bhangra dance from Punjab as it matches in fervour and spirit. Women wear vibrant ghagra or skirt and a floral shawl along with tight churidar. The men wear ornate topis and hold a decked fan in their hands. The music is a delight and in tune with nature. Musical instruments like the shehnai, cymbal and drums are played to match the dance.

The Elegant Lahauli Nati

The dance is performed to the beats of the musical instruments like Surna and Damman. Women and men interlock their hands and move in a slow circular motion. Dancers wear ornaments made of beads and stones along with beautifully embroidered jackets. The Ladhaki music produces deep sounds create a serene and enchanting atmosphere. The Dholalki and Thaali are the instruments usually played in Lahauli dance. The Ladhaki music produces deep sounds that create a serene and enchanting atmosphere. Music from traditional instruments such as the flute, ghunghru and a special instrument Paun add to the festivities.

The Alluring Sirmauri Nati

This dance form has women and men sway to the beats from drums of different sizes. Women dress up in Ghagras and cover their head with a scarf and wear silver ornaments. The delicate gentle movements of the folk dance enthral the visitors. Nati is performed on all the happy and joyous occasions.

Tu na ayi Miladi Shimale re
Bazare pyariye Rumatiye
Tu na ayi Miladi Shimale re
Bazare pyariye Rumatiye

Featured Photo by Jayanth Vincent under CC BY-SA 2.0

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