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The Nagpur Railway Station

Nagpur railway station, which serves Nagpur City, is one of Maharashtra’s oldest stations. It was opened in the year 1867. The connection of Nagpur railway to Mumbai in 1867 and the formation of Bengal-Nagpur Railways in 1887 are the two important steps in the history of the development of the Nagpur Railways. The present station was opened in 15th of January, 1925, by Sir Frank Sky, who was the Governor-in-chair at that time.

This beautiful large station building which was built with red stones from Saoner reflects British architectural designs with high arches, wide passages and tall columns. At the top of the main entrance gate, a clock is inserted. An old engine is also kept on display near the entrance gate.

The station is at the intersection of Delhi -Chennai and Howrah-Mumbai lines which makes it one of the busiest stations in India. Nagpur city is a major tourist attraction with its temples and wildlife sanctuary. Quite a number of attractive lakes and gardens are present in the city. All these tourists spots draw a lot of people to the station. The station records a crowd of around 1.6 lakh people per day. It operates with 8 platforms and 13 tracks. About 280 trains, including express and goods trains, passes through it every-day and direct trains to all metro cities of India, i.e. Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai are available.

The station is under developmental work to bring it to international standards as a part of a project undertaken in 2008. A design competition on behalf of Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation limited was also held inviting experts, students, architects all over the world to modernize and uplift the present station. Basic and modern amenities from electric boards, waiting rooms to food courts and clean restrooms are all available. Nowadays free Google high-speed wi-fi is also available at Nagpur Railway station.

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Featured Photo: Nagpur Station by Sistak under CC BY-SA 2.0

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