Nabi Karim Market – The Largest Wholesale Market In Asia

The capital city of Delhi, especially Old Delhi is known to be a paradise for street shopping lovers. As you ponder through the streets of Old Delhi, you must not miss out on the largest wholesale market in Asia. The market offers a plethora of bags starting from simple to trendy to branded varieties.

The market is a perfect place for businessmen to purchase bags in bulk for their own retail shops or online business. There are several shops in the market, providing ample opportunities for bag selection. The prices are quite reasonable compared to the luxurious malls in the city. In fact, you do not need to bear the headache for bargaining.

The Collections

The array of shops in Nabi Karim Market serve the needs of almost all the occasions and purposes starting from office, home, festivities, academic, etc. School bags in different shapes and sizes are available for children and young adults. You can select from a wide range of colours and designs. The prices are affordable and appropriate for any type of household. Office goers and executives can select from different types of formal bags like trolleys, backpacks and side bags. The colours are elegant and sophisticated to fit the style of many.

It is wonderful to watch the colourful and glittering bags hanging in many shops. The artistic design in each of them is worthy of appreciation. They are specially made for religious occassions and festivals. There are bags made with pearls and beads embedded on them adding to the grandeur and glamour. It is amazing to witness the exclusive designer bags hanging around in the shops.

Travel bags of different sizes are available in plenty in the shops. There are rucksacks, backpacks and even leather suitcases at different price ranges offered to the visitors. You have to scan through the huge bulk of products to select your preferred ones. But no one will be left disappointed in the market as it has the capacity of satisfying the choice of each and every person.

For shoppers with a special zeal for branded bags, the market will not leave you dissatisfied. The reputed brands of Nike, Puma, and Reebok adorn the shops with their stunning designer bags. The bags are durable enough for constant regular use. The quality of the bags is good, with prices going down as low as INR 50.

Location and Timings

Nabi Karim Market is situated near Sadar Bazaar in Delhi. It opens in the morning at 9 AM and closes at around 7 PM in the evening. The market is open every day except Sundays. It is better to reach the market in the afternoon as all the shops open by that time with their stocks displayed. You can comfortably scan through the huge collections at each of the shops to select your preferred bags.

How to reach the market?

Private and public buses are available throughout the city of Delhi to reach the market. The bus stops near to the market are Rani Jhansi Road and Pahar Ganj. You can hire a cab too for reaching the place. If you want to avail of the train then the nearby railway stations are Sadar Bazaar and New Delhi. The other option is the metro. The nearest metro station is Chandni Chowk or Chawri Bazar. It is advisable to avoid travelling in your own car or vehicle as there are not sufficient places to park near the market.

Shopaholics and bag retailers can find any type of bag they need from the market. Spread across a huge area, the wholesalers and dealers offer a massive collection of bags which is unbelievable. Mini bags to jumbo sized bags, the market has all kinds to shop from. You must not miss visiting the market while touring Delhi. It will leave you spellbound and awestruck to watch the mammoth varieties of bags in a single place. The best part is the price being within a comfortable limit, the main reason for alluring people to hop and shop in the market.

The sellers prefer selling the bags in wholesale, whereas some sell in retail as well. It is recommended to mention the purpose to the sellers to avoid any confusion. Since the scanning through the huge collection of bags may consume a considerable amount of time, hence it is preferred to spend the entire day in the market. Else you may miss out on your chances in looking through the colossal assembly of bags. Away from the affluent malls and branded shops, the market offers you substantial varieties of choices to pick and choose at preferable prices. Not only the locals, but the market is also a favourite choice of tourists from India and abroad.

Featured Photo of ‘Choose your bag (or hat or purse or….)’ by Dave – resting under CC BY-SA 2.0

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