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India is blessed with marvelous terrains and fabulous landscapes. With huge Himalayan ranges in the north to the backwaters of Kerala in the south, with almost impenetrable forests of the east to the hot, sandy deserts of Rajasthan in the west, India is a road tripper’s heaven. With the improvement in infrastructure and road networks, even the previously obscure places are getting connected with beautiful highways. One such not so much well-known highway is the Mount Abu to Udaipur highway, which is one of the most beautiful highways in India. This highway is a combination of National Highway 14 from Aburoad to Pindwara and National Highway 76 from Pindwara to Udaipur. Here are a few reasons which make this journey a great road trip:

Mount Abu to Udaipur Road One Of The Best Road Trips In The Country


 Amazing landscape of Mt. Abu:

As soon as one starts from the only hill station of the desert state of Rajasthan, the landscape turns beautiful. A 22km journey downhill from Mt. Abu to Aburoad is infested with dense forests, mighty waterfalls and towering hills. With the topsy curvy roads, also come the rich flora, fauna of the Aravali hills all the way down. One also finds the old Hanuman Temple on the way apart from a few smaller temples. There are many viewpoints demarcated for the tourists to click pictures and enjoy the surroundings.

Rajasthani Costumes:

If one is interested in absorbing the culture of the Rajasthan, he cannot avoid taking a look at the vibrant costumes and poshaks of this place. These dresses range from luxurious ones worn by the elite to simple cotton attire worn by the rest. One can take a detour to a small hamlet called Bharja. This place is close to 40km from Mt. Abu and is known to have very pretty Rajasthani costumes for all walks of life.

Hilly Golfcourse:

If you like golf courses and more so, interesting ones at that, then the terrain around Gogunda (40km from Udaipur) is the one to be admired at. Beautifully carved sloped hills with finely naturally manicured grass adorn the area around it which gives a feeling of huge interconnected golf courses. They turn lush green in the monsoons and seem surreal with streams rumbling alongside the pastures.

Custard Apples:

It is one of the things unique to India. Custard Apples or ‘Sitafals’ as they are known in India, are sold by small kids standing on roadsides just to sell a kilo or two. As soon as one buys them, they scurry back to the nearest tree to get a refill and sell them again. This is their livelihood and a must have to fill your belly on the way as there are no big hotels or restaurants. Even the Indian blueberries are sold seasonally by these little kids. Do take a handful and keep munching them all the way to satisfy your palate.

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Primitiveness comes naturally to the area and people around it. The dwellers have been living in obscurity for long. There are many kinds of tribes that rule the area. The Bhils, Garasiyas are to name a few. Earlier, they were cut off from the mainstream and used to indulge in robbery and theft but now they have become educated and employed. They are a happy lot and celebrate festivals all year round. If one is lucky enough, he can witness these ever colourful fairs that happen not far away from the main road. Men with their traditional attire and women laden with mirror embroided dress mark the occasion. There are hawkers, street markets, swings and ice cream shops to cater for the ever joyous crowd around.


Speed No Bar:

There are very few highways in India which boasts of virtually no potholes. The 150 km drive is four lane for most of the part and one can drive over 100kmph throughout the way. To add to the beauty and thrill, there are two tunnels on the way which turn even more eerie in the night. The highway is lined up with beautiful flowers as dividers between the lanes. Apart from the speedsters, a new venture has begun recently which promotes cycling in the area. The number of cyclists coming for a road trip on this stretch are on a rise from past few years.

Sai Dam:

On the way, a few kilometers from Pindwara lies a small dam called Sai Dam that is also the feeder dam for Rajasthan’s one of the biggest dams, Jawai Dam. Travelers can take some time off to visit this dam. This dam is also an ideal spot for picnics and many schools plan excursions for the young kids over here.

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Lake City:

The highway culminates in one of the most beautiful cities of the world – Udaipur. Also known as the Lake City, it is a tourist’s paradise. It has a very proud heritage and its King Maharana Pratap’s legendary tales are known far and wide. From huge palaces to sparkling lakes, from dense forests to art galleries, from delicious Rajasthani cuisine to local handicrafts, Udaipur offers almost everything to the tourists.

All the reasons mentioned above can only be a motivating factor for the ones looking out for a beautiful road trip. Mount Abu to Udaipur road trip is suitable for both foreigners as well as local tourists, simply because it connects two of the most beautiful places in Rajasthan which are more often than not, already a part of their itinerary. This is a stretch which does not experience scorching desert heat for most of the summers because of the hills and vegetation around and with an already well-developed tourism industry in these areas, it is almost hassle-free to plan and visit these places. One needs to just prepare to explore this part of the world, pack his bags and batteries, and keep clicking photographs and enjoying one of the most beautiful roads of India.

Mount Abu To Udaipur Road: One Of The Best Road Trips Of India

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