Mount Abu – A Hilly Oasis

Mount Abu

The only hill station in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is a two hour drive from the district headquarters of Sirohi. It is a wonderful destination and visited by millions of tourists every year. It is pleasant throughout the year around apart from the winter months when the temperature falls to sub zero conditions. It is one of the places which is not only picturesque but also a necessity for the people of the desert state of Rajasthan. It won’t be wrong to call it a hilly oasis in midst of some of the harshest places on earth.

The hill station is located in the Aravali Hills, considered the oldest hill ranges on the planet. These are old fold mountains which have been eroded by the forces of nature since millions of years.

Here are the must do things once you are in this tiny hillock:

Must do things in Mount Abu

Take a tour of Nakki Lake

Nakki Lake is one of the most famous destinations in Mount Abu. It has a very interesting story attached to it. A person called Rasia Balam was madly in love with the princess. The wicked queen had put a condition that she would marry her daughter only if he could dig the a lake over night entirely using his fingernails. Rasia Balam managed to dig a lake but as he was about to finish his job, the queen took the form of a cock and fooled him as if the day had begun. Dejected, he did not complete the task and could not marry the princess. Hence, the name came up as Nakki (of nails) Lake.

This is a very beautiful lake in the heart of Mount Abu. One can have a boat ride and enjoy the lush green forests surrounding the lake. It is a hot spot for honeymoon couples who take paddle boats in the night to express their love. There is also a chance to get yourself clicked just outside the lake in traditional Rajasthani costumes.


The 1,700 m peak in the highest peak of Mount Abu. It literally means ‘the peak of the Guru’ in Devnagri. There is a temple dedicated to God Dattatreya who was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the creator.

The precariously curved road leads all the way up to Guru Shikhar but the view from the top is simply breath taking. There is an Observatory too that is used for astronomy. There are also huge radars installed nearby assisting the flights for the whole region.

On the top, there are food and snacks shops as well as souvenir shops lined all the way. Do take a hand painted name plate for your house from this place.

Trevor’s Tank

Named after the innovative British engineer who built it, Trevor’s tank is a lovely place to come out with your family and spend a few hours. It is situated on the way between Guru Shikhar and Mount Abu town.

The tank has crocodiles in it and if one is lucky enough, one can get a sighting of the black bears and leopards as well. This place is an ornithologist’s paradise and one can spot a lot of bird species here.

Peace Park

One of the must go places in Mount Abu,  Peace Park is a great place to relax. Brahmakumari Foundation takes care of the park and maintains its sanctity. There are beautifully manicured  plants and flowers in the park. Do look out for the differently colored roses at this place.

As the name says it, Peace Park is known for its tranquility. It has a dedicated hall to meditate and take all the positivity from the surroundings. The volunteers strive all day long to maintain the spirituality of this place.

Delwara Temple

The most famous landmark of Mount Abu, this temple is a masterpiece of art. It is known worldwide for its amazing artistry and sculpture. The temple is a culmination of five smaller temples and was built around 800 years back.

An evidence of the exemplary Jain architecture, the unmatched skills of the artists is visible the moment one steps in the temple premises. It is made entirely out of marble and the workmanship is admired by people worldwide. One cannot miss this temple if coming to Mount Abu. There are also local souvenir shops outside the temple. Do buy the pencil claimed by the shopkeepers to last for ten years.

Polo Ground

This ground is right next to the Nakki Lake and was a place where polo matches were held during the Raj. Polo matches are not that frequent now but one can always find school children playing cricket and football matches here.

Hundreds of hotels and restaurants surround this place. Its huge premise is also utilized for organizing fairs and festivals in the area. Mount Abu hosts the Summer and Winter festivals here which includes Rajasthani cultural shows, hot air ballooning, live concerts, Bike rides and truck lots of fun.

Mount Abu all the way !!

Mount Abu is one place which has almost everything for everyone. Foreign tourists swarm this place at all times of the year. This place gives them a mix of Indian culture, exquisite locations, adventure opportunities and a perfect getaway from the Indian heat. Mount Abu offers many courses in mountaineering, hiking, trekking, jungle biking, boat racing, paragliding as well. An adventure enthusiast’s paradise, Mount Abu is a place to explore the inner self of all the great things our nature has to offer !!

Featured Photo: Mount Abu – India by Antoine Gady under CC BY-ND 2.0

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