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Top 10 Most Crowded Railway Stations Of India

We all are aware of the fact that railways is one of the sources through which our government earns their maximum income. The amount of revenue generated through railways is seriously terrific; but it isn’t a very surprising figure since India has a population of over 1.2 billion and counting and every now and then we need to travel from place to place; since a vast portion of our population cannot afford to travel via air so they prefer travelling through railways which is why it is the most profitable income source to our government. It may surprise you that India has one of the largest railway networks around the globe with a track route of over 66,000 kilometers. Last year, Indian railways had generated a revenue of 8 billion with 220,000 passengers using the service daily. In this article, we would be talking about the most crowded railway stations of India.

Top 10 most crowded railway stations of India

1) Howrah Railway Station

Among all the Railway stations of India, Howrah Station is the oldest and the largest railway station in India. It has been serving the passengers since 163 years now and is located on the west bank of the Hooghly River. Howrah station has 23 platforms; 1-15 are located in old complex better known as terminal I while the other ones are located in new complex or better known as terminal II. It is the busiest railway station if you go by the passenger volume every day. Kolkata has four railway stations, one of them being Howrah Station the other three are Shalimar, Kolkata and Sealdah station. With all this history and passenger volume Howrah railway station has managed to top the list of most crowded railway stations of India.

2) Charbagh Railway Station

The second railway station to make it to the list of most crowded railway stations of India is Charbagh Railway station, which is one of the two main railway stations in Lucknow. This railway station has been servicing the passengers since 102 years with 9 platforms and 26 tracks. It is estimated that after Howrah Railway station this station has the highest number of passenger attendance every day. Until 1867, the railway station was more like an orchard but it was constructed with minars and domes in 1926.

3) Trivandrum Railway Station

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Trivandrum railway station is considered to the most profitable stations of Southern India due to the large passenger volume and the fact that it is the largest railway station in South India. Its average traffic is around 40,000 passengers every day, which makes it get the third spot in the list of most crowded railway stations of India. It has been into service since 85 years and is a vital part of South India as because it the station which connects Kerala with other big states in India.

4) Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station has a lot of history with it; it has been into service since 128 years and is one of the most crowded railway stations of India. It was built in 1887 to celebrate the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria. It was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2004 and serves as the headquarters of Central Railways. It was built at an expense of US $24,000, which is now estimated to be US $30 million.

most crowded railway stations of India
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai by Francisco Antunes under CC BY 2.0

5) Coimbatore Railway Station

The 5th Railway Station to make it to the list of most crowded railway stations of India is Coimbatore Railway station which is the most important railway station in Southern India after Trivandrum Railway Station. It is also the second highest revenue generator for the state of Tamil Nadu and boasts of six platforms. It is A1 graded railway station and is the second busiest railway station after Chennai central in South India.

6) Kanpur Railway Station

Kanpur railway station is one of the most important railway stations in India; it is one among the 5 central railway stations in India and is also one of the most busiest railway stations in North India. It has recorded a traffic of around 150,000 passengers with more than 280 trains visiting the railway station every day. It has 12 platforms and has been serving the passengers since 88 years. The station also boasts of an elevation of 415.45 feet. All these facts have made Kanpur railway station attain the sixth position in the list of most crowded railway stations of India.

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7) Bilaspur Railway Station

Bilaspur railway station is located in Chhattisgarh and serves Bilaspur area of Bilaspur district. It is the busiest station of the state and has the third longest railway platform in India. It has been serving passengers since 128 years and was electrified in 1969-1970. More than 300 passenger trains passes through this station every day. It has 9 platforms; enough to make it attain the 7th position in the list of most crowded railway stations of India.

8) Vijayawada Railway Station

This is another important railway station, which is always packed with passengers throughout. Vijayawada railway station has a traffic of about 140,000 passengers every day and the second busiest railway junction after Mumbai central. It has also been rated as an A-1 station and has an overall traffic of about 51 million throughout the year. Vijayawada railway station has about 10 platforms among which the 7th one is the longest among them. It is located in Andhra Pradesh with over 400 trains passing though it every day.

9) Mysore Railway Station

Mysore railway station is among the few railway stations in India, which has a modern layout. It is one of its kind and has 4 models namely Tower church, Hill clock, Zoo and Chandmundi Hill. It is a very old railway station and has been serving passengers since 147 years; it is located in the state of Karnataka and has 6 platforms.

10) Nagpur Railway Station

Nagpur Railway station is the oldest and busiest railway station of Nagpur. It has 8 platforms and has been serving passengers since 150 years. The electrification of this railway station took place between 1988-1992. It has a daily traffic of around 160,000 passengers making it one of the most crowded railway stations of India.

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People criticize our government due to lack of proper maintenance of our railway stations and due to the poor quality of food it provides in prime trains like Rajdhani and Sealdhah express. However, we cannot change the fact that despite all the poor services Railways is still the most profitable venture for the government and it really helps our country a lot in progressing in the social, economic and scientific fields. A little more maintenance from the government and people’s cooperation will help make our railway services a little better. It would be wrong to blame it all on the government because some of us litter, publicly urinate on the railway tracks and do similar unhygienic things, which degrade our railway services. These things should not be done because it sends out a negative image in the global world about our country. These were the most crowded railway stations of India, now see how many of them have you visited as of now.

Featured Photo by Free-Photos (Pixabay)

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