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Are you looking for some splendid holidays? Definitely, you can choose up an amazing hill station where you can enjoy lots of greenery and more in making your trip an adventurous one. The Morni hills is an awesome destination for trekking which is the only hill station at Haryana and this is situated at Panchkula. If you are dreaming of a fascinating trip with your family and friends then visit this adventurous spot where you can have lots and lots of fun.

Morni Hills- Spectacular Hill Station

Photo By Nadisha

Reach Morni Hills:

You can easily reach this place from Chandigarh where you can drive by car which takes approximately one hour to reach or you can even reach by bus which starts from Chandigarh mostly from the railway station. You can easily reach Morni through road from Chandigarh. From Panchkula it is about 35 km distance to Morni. Morni is 5 hours distance from Delhi.


Nature beauty at Morni:

  • The morni hills is very much attractive with its beautiful flora and fauna.
  • You can explore morni if you want to enjoy the journey through the mountains.
  • It is amazing hill station where you can have eye capturing sights.
  • It is a wonderful destination which consists of lots of trees including oak and neem.
  • There are also colorful flowers all around which makes the hills look so stunning.
  • Morni Hill has got a beautiful wildlife too that you can just relax and enjoy the birds and their chirping sounds as well as watch up animals like jackals, jungle cats etc.
  • Watching beautiful birds like wall keeper, francolins that are grey and black and more to give out a great view.
  • It is an popular destination for all the nature enthusiasts who really fell in love with it visiting Morni.
  • The Morni has got two lakes which are large ones and it gives an attractive view for hills.


The exhilarating adventures:

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Morni Hill is a destination where you will get fascinated with the adventures. There are lots of activities which you can do at Morni to enjoy your day.

  • Trekking is thing which the trek lovers enjoy at Morni Hill. Trekking and watching up the sightseeing attractions is something more interesting. This is an excellent spot for trekking
  • There are many outdoor activities which are famous here. The rock climbing is a great one which people find interesting.
  • There is an adventure park at Morni where some of the exciting outdoor sports are done like river crossing where the hills are separated with two lakes, spider’s web and more activities are available. The Burma Bridge in the park is also  famous for the fun filled activity.
  • Boating is also seen now at Morni Hill where you can spend good time with your loved ones sailing through rivers.

Why Morni is so attractive:

Morni hills is an amazing spot where you have lots of fun and enjoyment. The sightseeing is very popular in Morni and you can see the beautiful hills covered with greenery all over. You can spend a pleasant day at Morni enjoying the trekking and amazing sport activities. You can obviously have a delightful journey at Morni where you can enjoy the nature beauty to the core. You can make your vacation a memorable and exciting one by visiting Morni hills viewing up the scenery beauty all over. The lakes and mountains with fully covered trees are a great scenic view which makes Morni Hill  a great attractive destination for everyone. This is a perfect spot for you to enjoy your weekends in a great way as you desire.

Places to visit:

In Morni hill station there are places where you can go around and spend your time having good enjoyment.

  • If you are a historic lover then you can visit Morni fort where you can enjoy the historical beauty and good ambience. It is a very huge fort where you can get a good view of the entire Morni town. There is also a temple nearby to this Morni fort which you can visit.
  • Lovers of nature can surely visit Tikkar Taal where you can enjoy the real nature beauty of Morni hills with lakes and more greenery around.
  • Kids and your family can have lots of fun in the adventurous park where there are great activities going on and it provides safety to kids and your family
  • There is a Mansa Devi Temple at Morni Hill where you can get a peaceful atmosphere. This temple has got lots of wall paintings and designs which you should not miss out by any means.
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When to visits Morni hills:

The best time to visit Morni Hills would be during the months of September to March. You can also see birds coming at this time. During summer time, there won’t be many birds or you may not be good enough to spend your day here. The activities like trekking, climbing and others are more available during September to March and make sure you visit during this time in making your day a splendid one. You can spend your time enjoying each and every moment with your families and friends in a great way

Loving place for tourists:

You would be amazed from this great destination where you can spend your time enjoying the beautiful sights and taking up some good photographs. It is a good photography spot where you can capture some great moments. If you are so much fond of natural beauty then  you should try visit this stunning place where you can gear up delightful memories. There are also many local spots that may entertain you to find in this hill station. Experience the vision of nature in the Morni hills and make your journey a great one. It is a spot for all nature lovers.

Featured Photo By Nadisha

Morni Hills- Spectacular Hill Station

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