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It is a commonly accepted fact that blessed is those who can savor the beauty of Mother Nature. Have you ever dreamt of sipping the moist wind that is ladened with natural fragrance? If you have not planned yet, then why don’t initiate a trip to these places in the monsoon that are located in Mumbai? Monsoon can transform parched landscapes into lush green surroundings with the help of which you can witness the scenic beauty of Mother Nature. There are several places to visit in the monsoon in Maharashtra which can soothe your senses. Maharashtra is also known as the heart of the Western Ghats and is also the breeding ground of the Sahyadri. Here is the list of places that you can visit in the monsoon in Maharashtra.

MaharashtraPhoto by Braiu


You would be fascinated to know that Matheran does not allow any vehicle to move on its road. Hence, it would be an ideal place where you can witness the beauty of monsoon at its best. It is an area that is known as a great escape from Mumbai. You would have the luxury to travel around the place in a small train and as well as in horseback or by rickshaws. You can ascend the hills with the help of local guides to witness the clouds that descend upon it. In other words, it is a full heavenly sight which you would not forget in years to come. It is located at a distance of 82 kilometers away from Mumbai. On the other hand, it is situated at a distance of 126 kilometers away from Pune. Matheran is one of the best places to visit in the monsoon in Mumbai.

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Bhimashankar in Maharashtra

If you are emphasizing on the unexplored destinations Pune, and then Bhimashankar is the place where you should travel. It is also known as the sweet spot of Sahyadri and is one of the best places to visit in the monsoon in Maharashtra. When monsoon is at her best, these unexplored destinations Pune wear an elegant look. In the midst of vast valleys, various enthralling escapades await you and your friends. Moreover, the monsoon is the time that brings out life in the Maharashtra region. It is the best time when you can also witness a significant number of birds chirping on trees. Hence, as a wildlife enthusiast, you can always experience thrill and joy in seeing the sweet birds. Hence, if you are in the vicinity of unexplored destinations Pune, always make sure to visit this place as it can actually enthrall your senses to the core. Bhimashankar is situated at a distance of 20 kilometers from Mumbai. It is located at a distance of 110 kilometers from Pune in Maharashtra.

MaharashtraPhoto by Yogendra174


When it comes down to the discussion of the beauty of nature in this place, and then Panchgani always tops the study. It is a hill station that is located near Mahabaleshwar. It would offer you panoramic views of beautiful skies, lush green valleys, and springs. On the other hand, you would find the air fresh and pollution free which is great for your health. You can find various scenic views and lush green views from Panchgani. It is also called the table-land of Maharashtra. The favorite activities during monsoon in Panchgani are horse riding and taking into account the beautiful sceneries. It is located at a distance of 231 kilometers from Mumbai. On the other hand, it is situated 130 kilometers away from Pune.

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Lonavla is a place where you can witness the magnificence of Mother Nature at her very best. It has steep valleys and lush green scenery which makes this place a craze among nature lovers. You can travel to the nearby Bhushi Dam and can witness the beauty of waterfalls. You can also dip your feet on this beautiful waterfall at Lonavla to make sure that you can enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature in a nice manner. You can also travel to the Pawana Lake to witness the beauty of nature at its best.

Featured Photo by mckaysavage

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