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“Sample”, can you imagine this word is actually related to food? Yes it is, it holds great significance in one of the most popular dish from the Maharashtra cuisine, we are talking about the most popular -Misal Pav. This very spicy Maharashtrian delicacy is a flaming treat and is bound to tickle your taste buds.

What Is Misal Pav?

For those who don’t know this delectable dish, let me take the pride of introducitng it to you. Well, starting with “Misal” it contains moth beans, sev, onions, potatoes and tomatoes. Misal is served along with Pav, i.e. some fresh buns.

misal photoPhoto by Ajay Awtaney

What Sets Pune Misal Apart?

The taste of missal varies largely across different cities. Pune’s misal is popular for its mild version; it’s not spicy but has a very unique taste. Pune “Misal Pav” is a very popular snack item in the city and is super tasty, something you got to try and trust me you will savor it forever. So if you are planning to visit Pune, make sure you try their version of Misal.

5 Most Popular Misal Joints In Pune

Let’s begin the list of 5 most popular joints in Pune perfect to gorge on some mouthwatering “Misal Pav”. Warning – This is not for those who cannot tolerate spicy food.

1. Katakirr, Karve Road

If you love Kolhapuri style misal, then Katakirr located on the Karve Road is the place to be. This food stall is mostly crowded, and most of the people hop in to try its amazing offering of misals. Katakirr offer three flavors of misal, one is mild, and other one is medium spicy and the last variety is very spicy. Another interesting feature to point out about Katakirr is the scarcastic signboards around the stall, popularly known as ‘Puneri Paatya’, you have to check them out.

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2. Bedekar Tea Stall, Narayan Peth

Since 1948, the Bedekar tea stall has been serving its unique and delectable Misal to the Puneties. And guess what everyone comes back to them for more. The Bedekar Tea Stall is located in Narayan Peth and is immensely popular for its misal, in fact their popularity earned them a name – Bedekar misal. So what makes bedekar’s misal so popular? Well it’s because of its unique hot, sweet and spicy combination of flavors. Also, they do not serve the typical pav with their misal, instead they serve regular bread slices. You will be surprised to know that this stall in Pune has a very huge fan following, no wonder they always have long queues on their stalls. So be prepared and have patience.

3. Shree Krushna Bhuvan, Tulsi Baug

This one is located in Tulsi Baug and is another very old and popular food joint in Pune known for its delicious misal. The Shree Krushna Bhuvan is operated by the Joshi’s. Done expect a very comprehensive menu here as they offer very limited things on their menu, but whatever they offer is bang on in terms of flavors and deliciousness. And of course, their misal pav is the favorite item for most of their customers. Their misal is not very spicy, but it never fails in winning the hearts of their customers. So if you are one of those who cannot handle spicy food, this platter of food is meant for you. Their misal platter has sev, potatoe, veggies, namkeen and onions in the base and is served with bread slices and not pav’s like the other misal food joints.

4. Ramnath, Tilak road

For those who like that spicy Kolhapuri flavours, Ramnath is the place for you to be. Yes their Kolhapuri misal is totally awesome. Ramnath’s is located on the Tilak road and is one of the oldest food joints known for its delectable misal pav. At the base of the misal you will find poha, moth beans, onions and some sev for that extra crunch. Ramnath also serve fresh slices of bread instead of pavs. Mind it, their misal is quite spicy. To be safe order some Lassi or chilled buttermilk, they are equally good. Well this place is a bit too tiny, but the fame it has gathered for its misal is huge. Must try I must say.

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5. Newale Misal, Chinchwad

Located in absolute interiors but still Newale Misal in Chinchwad is always the talk of the town. This place is perfect for those who love spicy misal, trust me one platter of misal pav from this stall will surely leave you sweating and burning.

So, where are you heading first? I insist you should try all of the above mentioned misal stalls. Do let us know if we missed out any other popular ones in thus list. Do drop us a comment in the comment section below!

Featured Photo by shankar s.

Misal Pav Fan? Top 5 Places That Serve Lip-Smacking Platter In Pune

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