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Mirik, located at an altitude of 4,950ft, is a hill town & one of the most graceful places in the West Bengal, India. It is bestowed with hills looming in all direction making this place surreally beautiful. The popularity of Mirik began to increase after the flourishment of Darjeeling. British rulers also liked this place during their reign in India.

It’s one of the most sought after tourist spots for couples as well as travelers from around the world because of the mesmerizing natural views of the hill peaks, tea estates or lakes that reflect the image of the whole town. Also, Mirik has got lots of unexplored places until today which makes it an ideal location for the exploring travelers! Let’s look at some of Mirik’s popular tourist spots-

Bokar Monastery

Bokar monastery is one of the most popular Buddhist monasteries across India. It’s situated at the peak point of this town & seems like an eye-catching little structure from below. The monastery can be easily seen from the lakeside. The view of the whole town is amazing from this monastery!

The beautifully designed golden statue of the Buddha is one of the biggest reasons why this place gathers a crowd of tourists as well as devotees all the year through. There are a sunrise and a sunset point near the monastery where you can enjoy the brilliant sun rays from dawn to dusk. Owing to have an excellent view, the Bokar monastery is the Mirik’s most popular place for the tourists.

Sumendu Lake

If you love boating, Sumendu lake is the first place to visit when you’re in Mirik. It’s the best of its kind in the whole Mirik which is why travelers must come to this place for fun activities such as boating, or walking on the banks and exploring the hill peaks. The most amazing thing about this lake is that you can get the view of entire Mirik while boating which will resist you to love this place. The shimmering water of the lake also takes the breath away when the rays of the sun reflect off it.

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Don Bosco Church

Don Bosco is another popular tourist spot located in the heart of Mirik. The fine architecture of this church makes it one of the most beautifully designed structures of this small town. The polished sanctuary is treated as a heavenly place for the devotees as well as the tourists. People come here to enjoy the pleasing atmosphere of this church at any time of the year.


Bunkulung is more like an agricultural hub of Mirik allowing you to experience some eye-pleasing views of hills, farm lands & fisheries in the middle of an ingenuous hillside village. You cannot access this place on foot. Take a cab to roam around the village and enjoy the views sitting in your place. This place has got lots of stories since its beginning till today!

Mirik Tea Garden

tea leaf photo

Going to Mirik & not visiting the tea gardens will certainly leave your tour incomplete. There are lots of valleys around the whole town that are covered with tea plants almost all the year through. You can walk through the tea estates, enjoy the greeneries and also see the workers plucking ripe leaves and collecting in their bucket. Don’t miss the chance to walk in the middle of the tea bushes for at least one hour because it can be a priceless experience for you.

Climate of Mirik

Summer season continues from March until June when the temperature rises up to 30o C. Mirik’s weather remains friendly for the tourists during summer anyway. The temperature may fall to 1oC in the winter which continues from October to February. The monsoon season is the best for picturesque views of the whole town though rainfalls may occur frequently during this time.

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If you want to visit Mirik, summer & monsoon are considered as the most suitable time for exploring this beautiful hill town.

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