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The picturesque waterfalls, heavy downpour and blossoming greenery, are some adjectives we use to describe the magical land of Mawsynram. Popular for its heavy rains, it recorded as the wettest place in India. This place is truly blessed with the most beautiful flora and fauna, and this place welcomes you with a grand shower, anytime you come visiting. Exploring Mawsynram is itself a skill for every traveler, wanting to meet excitement. No doubt, Mawsynram is among the top monsoon destination that should not be missed. You will get wet but you will have fun!

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The perfect time to visit Mawsynram is during the monsoon season when the beauty of the place is at its peak – the weather remains clean and clear, the leaves are green and the whole ambiance is blessed with a feeling of tranquility. However, Mawsynram can be visited at any time of the year since the weather is pleasant all the time and very rarely heats up. It’s a paradise for a vacation.


The beauty of Mawsynram increases once you see the caves. In movies you must have seen people going inside a cave and discovering a new place, well the caves of Mawsynram do a similar job. The caves are a delight and an amazing place to visit. The cave is filled with stalactites and stalagmites, which look like jewels and generally we aren’t lucky enough to see in any ordinary cave. The cave is long and a walk through it sometimes crawling, twisting and turning made it even more adventurous. When you enter the cave, it’s all unknown. You have no idea what’s coming up next or what next is about to happen. It’s scary but it’s exciting. An out-of-the-blue experience indeed. The passages are very narrow and required to literally crawl like animals in dim lights. It takes about fifteen minutes but is worth it.

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Jingkieng deingjris, is also a fun activity to do while in Mawsynram, which are hanging bridges made from roots of rubber trees. Walk on it and you will feel as if you are on fear factor! It is said to have taken two decades to grow after which it adds on strong support. This bridge is often used by locals to cross turbulent streams during the monsoon season. Also, if you have a hobby of archery,try ‘siat khnam’ which means shoot arrow. It is a spare time activity of archery-led gaming where each contestant like javelins, throws arrows at bamboo targets a few meters away. Mawsynram is a must see place as its ambience is so peaceful and calm, you will find solace there.

We as visitors enjoy this place to the fullest but the locals, however have a different experience all together. The people of Mawsynram spend months preparing for the wet season. People living in Mawsynram are people of habit. They ritually buy and stock-up food grains, as it becomes highly hard to leave their houses and go shopping for food articles all through the wettest months between May and July. The women of Mawsynram  make knups’, using bamboo slivers, plastic sheets and broom grass it’s a kind of a turtle shell kind of thing protecting people from rain, which is then worn on the head. The knups are large enough and keeps the body dry upto the knees. The labour-intensive course of weaving a knup, takes about an hour to complete and keeps the women occupied right throughout the rainy season. The people no doubt live a hard life. But if you ask them if they want to leave the place and live somewhere else, there answer will always be no. Such is the love they have for this place.

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A must-visit place. Go there, have fun and experience a different life altogether.



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