Mayo College, Ajmer, Rajasthan

The Mayo College is a boarding school that is located in Ajmer situated in Rajasthan. It is one of the oldest schools established in India. Richard Burke founded it in 1875. He was the Indian viceroy between 1869 and 1872. There have been 17 principals in charge of the school so far and the current 17th principal is LT. Gen Surinder Kulkarni who has been at the post from the last 3 years.

One Of The Oldest Public Boarding Schools In India

The Mayo college is one of the finest boarding schools today that we have in our country. People from all over India submit admission applications. This school also receives a lot of overseas applications. It has a lot of history of providing bright and some of the most successful students from its academy. Along with having outstanding board results from this college, it is also known for having various sport activities and has excellent sports infrastructure. There are some 20 different types of sports available for students to get involved in.

So, students along with studying get an opportunity to choose a sport of their choice to learn and play. The students regularly represent the school in the national school games. The school also has various distinct co-curriculum programs and activities for the students for their overall grooming and development.

The school has given the country a number of famous names who have been students of this school such as cricketers, businessmen, politicians and many more. The school has produced famous cricketers like Charu Sharma and Arun Lal. The famous acclaimed mathematician Eknath Ghate is an alumnus of Mayo College. It has a huge 210 acres campus. The environment and the infrastructure give an ideal place and platform for children to learn and grow. Boys of the age of 9 to 18 years are allowed admission. The annual fees of this school are said to be around 5 lakhs 91 thousand for home students and it would be around 11 lakhs 82 thousand for international students.

The Mayo College Is More Of An Iconic Structure Today

The mayo school is so famous that the there is a postal stamp dedicated to the mayo college which has the picture of the front main structure of the school. Since the school is so old, it also houses a museum within its premises. The Danmal Mathur Museum is housed in the Jhalawar house. There are a lot of priceless antiques on display.

This museum is considered to have one of the best collections as compared to any other school museums. The mayo college is so famous that there have been several movies that have been shot there.

The most popular being the film parampara which was shot on the premises of the mayo college. If one wants their children to have the perfect guidance, learning, and grooming for the future then the mayo school is the perfect destination for your child. One should rush for the admission process at the earliest as it is not always easy to get admission to this institute.

Featured Photo: India – ” education ” : Mayo college, Ajmer (Rajasthan) by (vincent desjardins) under CC BY 2.0

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