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Manikaran, The Religious Hot Water Spring For Hindus And Sikhs

Indians have several pilgrimage sites and tourist destinations they visit regularly. These destinations are beautiful, natural and worth planning your next trip to. If you are running short of ideas, maybe try going to Manikaran. Located in Himachal Pradesh, this city is also known for its hot water springs.

Manikaran photo
Photo of Gurudwara Manikaran by balu  under CC BY 2.0

Himachal Pradesh is a state worth visiting again and again. We have covered many stunning cities, areas and villages in Himachal. If you ever need any information, you can always check them out. For example, everybody knows how amazing Kullu is. Kullu Valley is a magnificent sweeping valley full of temples, trees, a thick rich forest and a strong Beas river. The region is called as ‘Valley of Gods’ thanks to the pilgrimage sites and temples in and around it. You can watch the incomparable Himalayas from anywhere you are and what a view it is! Devotees, tourists and travelers just find peace and calm staring at the snow capped peaks. The weather is comfortable through the year and summers are especially beautiful. There is something for every kind of traveler and tourist. For the adventurer, there are hikes and treks you can take. Advanced trekkers are in for a treat as the trails can get exciting and dangerous. There are also easy, comfortable walks for the new or amateur hikers. Of course you can camp under the starry sky, go river rafting, boating or swimming. Nature enthusiasts can view some rare animals and birds in their natural habitat. The Great Himalayan National Park is located in Kullu Valley and home to unique flora and fauna.

Manikaran photo
“Photo of hot water spring” by balu under CC BY 2.0

Now coming to Manikaran. When should you visit it? It’s location ensures it has cold climate through the entire year. December and January get freezing and not viable for tourists. For tourists and travelers, the months of June to August are ideal. Of course you may experience rainfall during those months. October and November tend to get cold but still comfortable. Situated about 35 kilometers from Kullu, you can take a bus or taxi to reach Manikaran. It is a holy town for Hindus and also the Sikhs. The place is named after Manu, according to Hindu mythology. Manu was the first man who also wrote the laws for how man should behave. Temples of Rama, Krishna and Vishnu abound in the village. Another legend or myth is that Manu created man and allowed him to reside in this area thus creating the first community. According to a famous story, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati decided to make Manikaran their abode. They stayed their for centuries till an incident where Goddess Parvati lost her jewels. The serpent god Lord Sheshnag then released a boiling river to find the jewels. That is the origin behind Manikaran hot water springs.

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There are rumors and stories by locals that these springs have been around since 1905. The natural hot water springs are considered to be very effective in treating ailments such as eczema, arthritis and boost blood circulation. Unlike other hot water springs, they don’t have any sulphur in them. The temperature of these springs can go as high as 80 degrees celsius so please be careful. You can take a quick dip before you head to visit the nearby temple for Lord Vishnu. Staying in the water too long can be risky and ill advised. People also use these waters to cook food thanks to the heat in it. Locals often claim that these waters have curative powers or benefits in them.

Featured Photo of hot water spring at manikaran by balu under CC BY 2.0

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