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Food tours or trails are the new crazes among travelers. Eating your way through a state or town is the best way to familiarize yourself with the territory. If you are keen on doing a food tour or visit Mangalore, the Mangalore Buns definitely need to be on your list of must-eat items!

With a nation as diverse as India, there are so many things to do, see and eat. It is overwhelming and you have so many options to choose from! Doing a food tour or food trail is an exciting, fresh way of seeing a new place. You bond with locals and the residents in ways you can never imagine. Instead of doing overpriced tourist traps, you can visit local restaurants, eateries, and stalls to try local delicacies and items. Indian food comes with a long history and heritage. Various cultures, tribes, castes, religions, and communities intermingle and create interesting dishes. Families pass down traditional recipes over generations to share their roots. These traditional recipes may get modern or special touches and twists as time passes by. While some remain the same, classic dishes that stand the test of time.

A food capital and true multi-cultural city, Mangalore should be on the top of your food tour or food trail options. Also known as the Gateway to Karnataka, Mangalore is a melting pot of several cultures and communities. It has connections with the Southern and Western parts of India. You can find a heavy influence of South India or coastal cuisine on the food available in Mangalore. Indian food often focuses on fresh, local produce available instead of refrigerated or imported items. Coconut is a staple of any Mangalorean dish and adds to the special flavor of its dishes. The coastal city with its serene beaches and blue waters has several iconic and amazing dishes. Some of them include Kori Rotti, Neer Dosa, Mangalorean Chicken Sukka, Mangalorean Bajji, and Mangalore Buns. There are Catholics, Konkanis, Muslims, Kannadigas and many other communities living here. They bring the tastes and recipes of their ancestors to Mangalore. For a curious traveler and foodie, this is a paradise. Freshly caught seafood is available for you to enjoy and savor. Fish forms a major part of the Mangalorean’s diet. So you can try fish curries, fish gravies, and many fish appetizers. Women make spice mixes at home which give the curries and gravies a much needed fiery kick!

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As you make your way through Mangalore, you have to ensure you don’t miss Mangalore Buns. Breakfast in Mangalore is hot, freshly made and served with a variety of dips and chutneys. The Udupi region has its version of breakfast and tea snacks such as Dosa, Idli, Medu Vada etc. Mangalore’s accompaniment to hot tea or coffee is the Mangalore Bun. Fluffy, soft puris or mini pancakes that taste slightly sweet, they originated in Mangalore. The dish has now spread across India and available in several states and cities. A mixture of flour and banana is used to make these buns. The banana lends its sweetness to the dish. They are also known as ‘Banana Buns’ or ‘Pooris’ locally.

Flour, curd, sugar, and bananas are mixed to create a batter. The batter is left to ferment overnight or for 6 hours. You need to allow it to ferment for as long as you can so that the buns become fluffier and softer. Roll into pieces and deep fry them till they turn golden brown.

You can find the Mangalore Buns in Udupi restaurants across the city served with coconut chutney or sambar. The mildly spicy sambar and chutney enhance the sweet flavor of the Mangalore Buns and make for a savory snack.  One of the city’s best-kept secrets, New Taj Mahal Cafe serves great Mangalore Buns. Pair it with their hot, milky coffee and you have a breakfast that will make your day!

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

The Fluffy And Sweet Mangalore Buns You Must Have

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