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It was on a Friday morning that we left our place, tucked away in a hectic corner of Mumbai, for Mahabaleshwar and its revitalising environs. It was our first visit to Mahabaleshwar and we had a perfect plan for an early morning travel from Mumbai to this hill station. The charming mountain views and the twisting roads made for an exciting road trip, and I couldn’t wait to see what this small hill station had in store for me. We covered the distance of 260 km in comfortable 6 hours and finally reached Bella Vista Resort, our abode for next three days.

Located at a high altitude, Mahabaleshwar has a calm climate and offers a perfect weather for long strolls. There are various points from where you can enjoy beautiful panoramas of the valleys and hills.

Don’t leave Mahabaleshwar before you:

  1. Relish Strawberry Picking: On reaching the hill station, our first stopover was to a Mapro strawberry farm. Mapro garden and Cream Corner are two of the popular ones. Mapro Garden’s ambience is too good and comfortable. Classic grilled sandwich and fresh strawberry cream is my favourite. You can also buy fresh Mapro crush and squash bottles from their store. The Bagicha restaurant located on the outskirts of the main market is worth trying.
  2. Enjoy Boating At Venna Lake: The Lake serves as the welcome point of Mahabaleshwar. Spread in an area of 28 acres, the lake is known for boating and many other fun frolic activities. Boating here is a peaceful experience and both row boats, paddle ones are available for hire. Numerous kiosks selling yummy street food, American corn, strawberries, mulberries and more can be seen opposite to the lake. Our best experience on Venna Lake was  the ride on the clean and well- fed horses. Their hair was brushed and their bodies strong as they followed their masters around and neighed in excitement.
  3. Local shopping: The Main market in Mahabaleshwar is the one stop shop for souvenirs like wooden toys, handicrafts, footwear, fruit crushes, decorative show pieces and yes, of course, strawberries. You can buy comfortable Kolhapuris from Ram footwear and New India Boot House at a nominal rate.
  4. Watching Views of The Sahyadri Hills: You will be surrounded by fabulous hill views no matter wherever you are in Mahabaleshwar. For more picturesque views, head to
  • Elephant’s head point: One of the most visited and popular attractions in Mahabaleshwar, the elephant’s head point gives you a marvellous view which calms your body. The point derives its name from the cliff which is suspended and resembles an elephant’s head and trunk. It’s an ideal point for a picnic, with picturesque scenic beauty. The point is a brilliant spot for nature lovers and photographers. With its fascinating beauty, the place attracts tourists in large number. So, get soaked in the sun and enjoy this spot with family and friends.
  • Lodwick Point: Packed with innumerable valleys, hills, plateaus and sceneries, Lodwick point offers panoramic views and is a famous tourist spot in Mahabaleshwar. If you want to enjoy the amazing views of the Sahyadri hills, Lodwick point is the apt place to be. The sights of Elphinstone Point and Pratapgad Fort are matchless from this place. An amazing spot for the scenic views, Lodwick point is definitely a place not to be missed.
  • Wilson Point: Also known as Sunrise Point, Wilson point is the highest point lying at an altitude of 1439 m above sea level. If you are a true nature enthusiast and want to see the stunning views of the rising sun, Wilson point is the exact place to be. Because of its height, one can enjoy the beautiful scenic beauty of Mahabaleshwar city, thus shifting you to a peaceful world. One must visit Wilson point at sunrise to enjoy the calmness of the place.
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 Thus, my 3 day trip from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar was pure bliss and I want to go back to the land of strawberries again!



Mahabaleshwar: My Favourite Travel Destination In Maharashtra

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