Lungthung Village Is A Must-Visit Spot On Dzuluk Itinerary – Here’s Why

If you’re planning to go for a trip to Dzuluk, Lungthung Village is something that you cannot omit on the itinerary. Also known as Dhupidara, this village rests at 12,500 feet altitude on hilltop that oversees the mesmerizing Mount Kanchenjunga range. Calling it a sure-shot addition to your the Dzuluk itinerary isn’t anything overstated, because it is a significant traveling spot. The zuluk to lungthung distance is just one hour and this village offers captivating views of Old Silk Route! Lying in the Thambi View Point’s vicinity, it is a major spot for relishing the beauty of the Silk Route as well as East Himalayan range in a nutshell.  A perfect destination for refreshments, Lungthung is the place for Tibetan refugees too who visit here for escaping Chinese invasion and inhabiting here. So, what do you can expect after visiting the destination? To know more, keep reading on.

Major Tourists’ Attractions in & around Lungthung Village

Since the zuluk to lungthung distance is just one kilometer, a visit to this village is always recommended. Besides being a significant tourist destination, a visit to Lungthung Village would be a sure-shot bet to enjoy the morning sunrays. During the sunrise, the place is so beautiful that you would find it difficult to portray it into words. During this time, the place offers panoramic views of the majestic mountain ranges. And if you wish to stay here for a day or two, you might also get lucky to witness the perfect atmosphere from your Lungthung hotels’ room.

Next comes, the Luxmi Chowk! It happens to be a famous tourist spot where you would be getting captivating views of Lava, Algarah, Kalimpong, and even Pedong! You can also get a view of the sub-Himalayan ranges from this spot. A ready home to the mosses, Rhododendrons, lichens, as well as ferns, Luxmi Chowk gives tourists the reasons to enjoy its aftermath! A big plus to your decision of traveling here is that you are going to enjoy musical sounds of twittering birds. Luxmi Chowk’s road leads to Gnathang Valley in one way and Kupup in the other!

If you are staying here at one of the Lungthung hotels, you can also include Padmachen in your trip when you are here. It happens to be the devoid of snowfall. You can take your bird-watching interest into a whole new level when you are here. Being home to steppe eagles, laughing thrushes, fulvettas, babblers, honey buzzards, and wrens, this place is perfect for any bird-watching enthusiast! Besides giving a reason for bird-watchers, this place is home to dense forest with animals like leopards, black bear, red pandas, and more.

Another must visit Lungthung sightseeing spot, the Kuikhola falls is just some kilometers away from the aforementioned place. And a visit here would help you have an encounter with the mesmerizing beauty of nature. But as they say, no beautiful things come affordably! So, anyone approaching here should be very careful of the slippery stones here.

Lungthung Village is a Must-Visit Spot on Dzuluk Itinerary: Here’s Why
Photo of ‘Tibetan settlements at Tsomgo Lake’ by shankar s. under CC BY 2.0

Original Silk Route is another major attraction where you are taken through the Padmachen forest! You can also trek to this beautiful place housing fading trail of Silk Route. This road has seen massive surges of the trade carried on the horseback for many yesteryears.

Another must-visit Lungthung sightseeing spot is the Heritage Forest Resting House. It is the rest house taking you back in ‘Sahibs’ time! Here, you can observe ancient (read wooden) floors, furniture, as well as the fireplace!

Lungthung is home to rare wildlife. Upon your visit, you can spot out red pandas. Besides, , there are the Himalayan Monals, blood pheasants, snow pheasants, as well as Kalij pheasants dominating the its faunas.

Best Time to Visit Lungthung Village

If you’re someone who would like to enjoy snow, then you should visit here between January and April. During the time, this village is snow-clad! And the only dominating color during this time is white (thanks to the snowfalls)! Otherwise, if you want to enjoy the sight of variety of flowers blooming here, you can travel between the months of August and September. The place is foggy and rainy during the time of May to July.

Now that You Know Everything

Your visit to Dzuluk might stay incomplete if you don’t consider sightseeing in Lungthung Village! After all, the colorful floras and faunas, the mysterious beauty of the dense forest, the captivating views of Himalayan ranges deserve to be viewed, do they not?

Featured Photo of ‘Kupup Lake’ by Abhijit Kar Gupta under CC BY 2.0

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