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Lord Of The Drinks – LOTD In Mumbai

Lord Of The Drinks or LOTD, as it is commonly known as, has become everyone’s favorite place to hang out. At LOTD, you will receive the most amazing experience that you would not have gotten anywhere else. The food and art on display is just a treat to the eyes. Most of the fusion food is made from the best imported as well as local ingredients. Apart from being a haven for food lovers, it is also the best place to hang out with friends and family members and enjoy a drink or two. The ambiance is very medieval, that gives it an amazing look. There are some unusual artifacts that you will see all around the place.

Lord Of The Drinks has a commitment to delighting everyone that walks through their door. They love providing their customers with the best dining experience. So far, Lord Of The Drinks has five branches across India and with the way things are going, they do not look like slowing down.

Plum Cafe

At the Lord of the Drinks branch in Mumbai, you will see the amazing Plum Cafe. This cafe is unique because of a very peculiar reason. When you enter the cafe, the ambiance will take your breath away. The interiors are elegant and you will see art all over the place. Now what is unique about Plum Cafe is you will be able to satisfy your urge for art while feasting on the best fusion menu. That’s right; you will be able to purchase anything that you see in the cafe. This includes the artwork on walls, the cutlery on your table and even the chair that you are sitting on. This is something that no other restaurant or cafe in India has. This cafe even has amazing hanging plants that give you an outdoor feeling.

Lord Of The Drinks: Rocky Star Cocktail Bar

At the amazing Rocky Star Cocktail bar, patrons will see some amazing decor. The bar has an added glamour quotient because of the designing by fashion Guru, Rocky S. The interiors are a classic mix of mystic elegance and chic design. Rocky’s style has been imprinted on the bar and his sensual designs are laced in gold and black across the bar.

The menu has been handpicked and there are dishes from all corners of the world. However, the highlight of the Cocktail Bar has to be the bar. The bar is said to be the longest island bar in Asia said to be over 200 feet. If that does not take your breath away, nothing will.

One of the problems that most people face at bars is the time it takes to place their order and then to get their drinks. However, with a 200 feet long bar, you will never face a problem placing your order and even getting your drink back. This is something that the owners of Lord Of The Drinks aimed at doing. They wanted everyone to have a drink in their hands all the time.

Featured Photo by PhotoMIX-Company (Pixabay)

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