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Let’s Explore The Salt City Of India – Phalodi

Phalodi is the name popular as the salt city of India. This is because; it produces the maximum amount of salt. This town is also the gateway to Thar Desert Region in Rajasthan. This town has 15th C architectural marvels, temples and to see the desert vistas of Rajasthan. It is also one of the extreme places to witness the hot desert climate in India. Phalodi is a tourist-friendly place in Rajasthan, West India. Its coordinates are 27.131°North and 72.364°East.

Major Attractions to Visit in Phalodi

1. Phalodi Fort

This is one of the 15th century forts, which is still in good condition in Phalodi. Rao Hammir Naraw built this for multi-purpose use. It has many cylindrical bastions. This giant fort has many cannon holes. It was imposing for in the erstwhile time. Today, the town dwellers have constructed many residential buildings surrounding this fort. It is worth visiting by the history buffs and fort hunters in Rajasthan.

2. Haveli in Phalodi

The Havelis are the 15th century residential complexes in Phalodi. You can find many beautiful Havelis throughout Phalodi Town. They are a splendid building with stone artworks. Projected balconies, large doors, and wide windows are the prominent architectural values you can see in every Haveli present here. It is advisable to stay in a hotel, which is an erstwhile Haveli.

3. Latiyal Mata Temple

This is a 15th century Hindu temple, which is still in good condition. Tourists of any religion can enter this temple during the day hours. You can find a silver throne for goddesses inside the temple. This is a vast temple, which is worth visiting for prayers and see the Hindu temple architectural values. The Latiyal Mada Devi is present in a seated position inside the sanctum sanctorum.

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Best Time to Visit Phalodi

November to February is the best time to visit Phalodi. Here, the day temperature remains in-between 30-40 degrees Celsius. If you wish to feel the hot desert climate of Thar Desert, you must visit here from March to June.

This is the finest place to see the white sand, which is actually the salt. It will look glittering during the day sunlight and looks white bright during the full moon night. The smell of sodium is in the air in these places. You can find the salt production-taking place during the summer season. It is advisable to take permission to see how sodium salt is manufactured in Phalodi. You can also find places where the Plaster of Paris is manufactured in Phalodi.

How to reach Phalodi

By Air

Jodhpur Airport is the nearest one to alight to reach Phalodi. You have to travel 139-km via road to reach here from this airport.

By Rail

Phalodi Railway station is the place to alight for the Phalodi tour in Rajasthan. This station is well connected with Mumbai and Delhi.

By Road

The National Highway number 2 and 15 connect the Phalodi Town. You can reach here from all major cities of India by road.  

Featured Photo of ‘Salt Works’ by Marco Nürnberger under CC BY 2.0



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