Lets Explore The Lake Palace Road Market In Udaipur

Rajasthan is a place that will remind you of the royalty of the Kings and Queens. The traditional heritage is still maintained in the royal palaces of Rajasthan. The castles are magnificent and show the art of Rajasthan. Udaipur is one among those beautiful cities of India, which has prevented the heritage of their ancestors for decades. The city is full of magnificent palaces and buildings. You will also get to see exquisite lakes and also Udaipur is known by the name of “City of Lakes.” Udaipur has several ponds which increase the beauty of Rajasthan. Every year a lot of tourists visit India and especially Rajasthan to see the traditional heritage of India.

This has also increased the rate of tourism in Rajasthan, which has supported its economic growth in a proper manner. There are many things for which Udaipur is famous, and one of them is the street shopping markets. One can also notice there are several shopping markets in Udaipur and here I will tell you about one such important market of Udaipur, which is the “Lake Palace Road” market. The craftsmen of Lake Palace Road market are so particular in their work that the whole buzzes only for their artistic products. All the products show a glimpse of the royal Rajasthani tradition and culture. The market usually remains closed on Sundays, but it is open on the other weekdays between 10 am to 6:30 pm. So, you can quickly get to the market at this time.

Location: There are no confusing routes to reach the Lake Palace Road market. You can quickly board on public transports such as an auto-rickshaw, bus, or tuk-tuk. Now, here traveling on a tuk-tuk is adventurous for the visitors. So, you should also try for it once to have a lifetime memorable traveling experience on this tuk tuk found in Rajasthan.

Significance: If see carefully, Udaipur filled with visiting places. The simplicity of people over there wins the heart of the tourists. Rajasthani people are very welcoming. Everything is very significant in Udaipur. Still, it is worth knowing on some of the essential things which make this Lake Palace Road market a must visiting the place.

  • The most important thing about this Lake Palace Road market is the collection of textiles. You will find a fantastic variety of traditionally designed textiles and too at very affordable rates.
  • It has different varieties of textiles or fabrics available from the typical Rajasthani multi-hued woven fabrics to the designer thread embroidery based ones. Every material has its significance and importance.
  • The famous bandhani and batik prints are must buy fabrics as they are the local Rajasthani cloth variety.
  • Other than these textile items, you will also get a woven tie and die materials. These are also an attraction in the market.
  • The market is a street market, and you will find several souvenir shops on the sides of the street.
  • Lake Palace Road market does have a wide variety of precious gems and stones.
  • You can quickly get other precious jewelry items, including gold, silver, and kundans. The unique thing is their artwork in this jewewllery.
  • The most important thing that is spectacular in this Lake Palace Road market is the wooden statues. The statues designed with a lot of determination and hard work. You can use those statues for gifting purpose, or you can get one for your own house. Some sculptures are also available in the brass material.
  • Mostly those are the statues of Hindu deities.

Hopping around the markets in India is an experience in it self, isnt it? And the best part is that most of us enjoy it. Hope you will love to experience this market as much as I did. Do share with us your experience 🙂 in the comments section below.

Featured Photo of ‘Jewellery at the Deepavali market, Little India, Singapore’ by _paVan_ under CC BY 2.0

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