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Let’s Explore The Indian Museum Streets In Kolkata

Even though the British Capital of India is now moved to New Delhi from Kolkata, but the City of Joy is still the cultural capital and holds the key to some of the heavenly hot-spots where from book-lovers to music lovers or coin collectors would get awe-struck with the collections the street shacks have in store!

Yes, you got it right, the land of the great Tagore and Ray is not going to disappoint rather the moment you land here, you’ll agree with the fact why the Bengalis boast on their culture. Along with several other places in Kolkata, the street in front of the Indian Museum at Park Street is the favorite destination of the people with various hobbies and passions, intrigued to shop the bestselling books to rare coins and the amazing posters that the hawkers are selling for generations.

For the Poster Connoisseur

From Bob Dylan to Jim Morrison again from the Game of Thrones to Pather Panchali, the poster shops of this area are famous for the enormous collections they have. Apart from the portrait pictures of your favorite celebrity to movie posters-you can get to have a plethora of collections which will ultimately bring you to the state of confusion.

If the city and its culture fascinate you, do collect the printed sketch posters of the iconic things and places of Kolkata such as the trams, Victoria Memorial, the Monument, Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, Kalighat Temple, and the list goes on.

You’ll find youngsters crowding in these street shops with the hope of collecting the beautiful posters of their favorite music icons, sports personalities or the posters of the newly launched web series creating hype.

For the Numismatists

Do you have a passion for collecting coins from different countries and eras? Then the street in front of the Indian Museum is the exact place where you can find lots of small stalls selling coins. When you’ve got a passion for collecting coins then you must be well versed with numismatics or the study of coins. Considering your collections- you can explore the coins and buy the ones that stand to be absolutely new to you. Don’t forget you have the provision to bargain so do it and grab the coins for enhancing your collection.

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For the Bibliophilic

Like me, if you’ve got an obsession to grab the newly released book of your favorite author or the one you’ve heard of in the social media or in your circle then come to this area of Park Street where you’ll find many such road-side book shacks where they have the greatest collections of the contemporary fictions to biographies along with a huge volume of non-fiction.

You’ll be happy to see how the seller will guide you by suggesting you or by showing you with the latest collections they’ve in store. I personally appreciate the way they guide book lovers. You can explore the chosen books for as much time you want and can finally bag the ones truly worth buying.

The best part of buying books from them is the generous amount of discount they offer after you bargain. You can find some of the rarest books in the store as well. They might be old or used but sometimes hunting for similar books is no less significant than finding treasures.

Other attractions

Along with these specialty roadside shacks, you’ll be happy to shop stylish clothes and accessories. As the YMCA is nearby the Sudder Street and the place is mostly hopped by the college students- you can find stylish collections of T-shirts, shorts, jeans, kurtas, caps, belts and more. Some shops sell chic sunglasses and watches at dirt cheap prices.

After two blocks from there, you can enter into Lindsay Street from where the Esplanade Market or the largest shopping site of Kolkata starts. From shoes to clothes and from bags to accessories they have the exquisite collections showcased throughout the seasons.

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Grab Kolkata’s favorite Street Food

To rest your tired body after rushing through the jostling crowd, try the street food they serve in Kolkata such as Kathi rolls, Chinese food including noodles, pizzas, burgers, cakes, pastries, etc. along with a big glass of lassi, fruit juice, or a hot cup of tea served in the earthen pots by the local tea sellers.

Visiting Park Street is always on the top of the list for me as a resident of Kolkata. I strongly recommend you to visit this wonderful street as you come out of the Asiatic Society or the famous Indian Museum to collect some of the most fascinating posters, books, coins, junk jewelry at quite a low price. Enjoy the fiesta of Park Street and the flavor of Kolkata at the city’s heart.

Featured Photo of ‘Writer’s Intersection’ by Paul Hamilton under CC BY-SA 2.0


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