Lal Darwaja – A Shopper’s Treasure Trove Of Variety And Styles

There is a place in Ahmedabad that gives you a reason to bring out the true shopaholic from inside you so that you can sharpen your bargaining potentials and enjoy shopping while hopping around. Lal Darwaza, as the name says, is your true-blue paradise whenever you think of shopping in Ahmedabad. This street shopping zone wins praises for one reason – the quality products at pocket-friendly prices! Filling up your shopping bags with the souvenirs of Ahmedabad will certainly not burn holes in your pocket.

Introducing a visit to Lal Darwaza

En route to your shopping spree, you will realize that you do not have to splurge too much on things you buy. From food, garments, accessories, to electronics devices, this shopping place in Ahmedabad is full of bustles and crowds. What you are going to enjoy is this place’s colors and chaos. You’ll be amazed at seeing how the city welcomes its shopaholics during your shopping spree. Yes, it’s a crumbling & thriving market place. But, there’s no denying at saying that it is a place where all kinds of products are available at the throwaway prices.

How to visit?

You’ll be happy to know that Lal Darwaja is just 10 km. away from the airport, i.e., Ahmedabad International Airport. If you take a cab directly after landing in the city, it will take about 15 to 20 minutes. But you can always freshen up at your booked hotel and then enjoy your ride to the bazaar. Ensure to travel earlier if you intend to take a bus because it might take about 50 minutes via bus.

What to get yourself?

It would not be an overstatement to say that Lal Darwaza is one of the busiest, most crowded & bustling local markets in Ahmedabad. Calling it an outstanding market with so many varieties in types and styles will also not be an exaggeration, though. That’s right! The place offers you variety in all possible ways. Decide what you want, and get it yourself through your sharpened bargaining skills.

The legendary and all-time-favorite flavorful and titillating paan is surely going to amaze you with its tastes. Do not forget to pamper your taste buds with it. Then, there are all kinds of your favorite chats, and the range starts from pani poori, dhokla, samosa, and ends at infinity. Well, jokes apart, you also get popular authentic dosas here.

While the above-mentioned food items were just a small part of the whole market, the life of this bazaar lies in the ultimate shopping urges for garments, shoes, accessories, and even electronic devices. This shopping complex offers a complete treasure trove to every shopaholic who has a keen interest in discovering newer styles upon unwrapping new places. As already discussed, this place holds special prominent at every tourists’ and locals’ hearts because of the quality products and their cost-effective financial figures.

Choose your favorite style and kind of saree only to enhance your look with the six (or nine) yards of elegance. You can also get trousers and shirts for both men and women. Collect that perfect watch that goes with your dress. You can also fill up your shopping bag only to get children’s and adults’ clothes, shoes, and accessories at pocket-friendly prices, and take it back home. Get yourself a desi jhola to get a perfect look with every kind of style you present yourself with! At the end of your shopping day, take a perfect sip on the cup of piping chai coupled with the taste of dhoklas or pattis.

When to visit?

Remember that this shopping place in Ahmedabad is open every day but the timing is usually from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

What was built in 1411 to protect the walled city has now been a part of shopping. Out of so many gates that were built here, Lal Darwaja happened to be the North-Eastern gate, turning into the stone doorway in 1860s. So, this quietly makes it evident that you can also get a taste of history upon your visit here.

Featured Photo of ‘Colourful Dresses’ by Sudhamshu Hebbar under CC BY 2.0

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