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Gujarat is famous all over the world for its places like Akshardham, Ambaji, Dwarka and the traditional lifestyle of Gujarat, famous Gujarati garments, the food and cuisines like Dhokala, Khakara, Thepla, the famous Dandiya festival and many more such things. To add to this list, one more place that attracts tourists from local places as well as people from all over the world, is Kutch. The place is famous for mountains of white salt, mesmerizing sunrise, diverse colours of sunset, famous Gujarati culture and mainly for Rann festival.  Rann literally means Desert. Kutch Rann festival is celebrated every year between November to February on the Indo-Pak border in the Desert of Dhordo village in Kutch and have got worldwide popularity for its beauty by attracting tourists from all over the world. Every year, thousands of people reach here, participate in the festival and enjoy the beauty of the desert.

Don’t miss these things at Rann Festival:

The unique art of Kutch, camel ride on white desert, delicious dishes from Gujarat and fun of the Garba in moonlight night can all be found in the Rann festival of Kutch. The diversity of colours seen during Rann Kutch festival is unlikely to find in any other corner of the world. Additionally, the Tourism Department’s plays an additional role here by setting unique arrangement for and art lovers to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of moonlight night in White Rann. The Rann festival also offers an opportunity to see and appreciate the beautified villages of Kutch, the beautiful workmanship and the handicrafts, closely.

A romantic walk under the full Moon

A simple walk at the beach playing through the sand surely gives inner peace and tranquility. Imagine spending time at Rann, enjoying the delicious cuisines of Gujarat, sitting under the full moon night in the white shiny desert when the Rann looks like sheet of white snow glittering with lights. Doesn’t it sound simply dreamy and romantic?

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kutch gujarat photoPhoto by Gujarat Tourist Guide

Sightseeing and Adventurous tours

Gujarat tourism organizes multiple tours during Rann Festival. So, don’t miss the chance to visit different places of the state which Gujarat is proud of and admire the incredible heritage of the state and country. One can visit places like Bhadreshwar, Sun Temple of Modhera, Narayan Sarovar, Anjar, Mandvi Beach and Kera Shiv Temple. Among these so many astonishing places, Kalo Dungar, is not only the highest peak in the Kutch which gives the panoramic view of the white desert but also famous for Dattatreya Temple which has a mythological background. Thousands of pilgrims visit and worship this temple every year. Visit sanctuaries to experience the many extinct species and wildlife of Gujarat and go for Desert safari for another exciting experience. The festival also arranges sensible adventure rides for kids. Go for a hot air balloon ride to get an extensive view of the sparkling tints of the white desert from the top. Other adventurous and outdoor activities includes para motoring, shooting, star gazing, archery, and many more. Furthermore, do not miss the chance to visit some local villages and to experience the different and unique Kutchi culture.

Cultural carnival

The festival at the tent city arranges multiple cultural activities so indulge yourself in the culture. This is the best time to enjoy the brilliant performances by the local folk artists from all corners of Gujarat. dance to the tunes of true folk music with a bonfire in the desert and live the moment for the rest of your life. This cultural fiesta is a perfect combination of the modern and the traditional art and culture.

Being a Shopping spree

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The variety of shopping options will make will make your head dizzy. The sea of Exotic and extraordinary handcrafted Gujarati articles, Kutchi embroidery all around, leather articles, impressive silverware, and skillfully crafted ornaments and many more. So, buy as much as you want to and get ready to be emptying your wallet.

Forget about your Diet

The two enormous dining halls are here that will serve you the best and mouthwatering food and will make you forget about your diet plans. The authentic Kutchi cuisine will pamper your tummy. Additionally, there are multiple food corners that will help to satisfy your hunger calls at the odd hours of night.

Rann Utsav is one of the biggest desert festival of Asia. The spectacular place of endless white sands is where they celebrate the festival of life which is vibrant and fantastic. And, the absolute correct saying says, “Kutch nahi dekha to kuch nahi dekha”.

Featured Photo by Sharada Prasad

..Because Kutch Nahi Dekha Toh Kuch Nahi Dekha

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