Kuldhara – The Haunted Town Of Rajasthan

You may call it myth or superstition or a fear, but it is scientifically proven that the ghosts exist. The paranormal experts are evidence of it. So, next time when you see the swaying chair or an unknown appearance playing hide and seek with you, be careful it could be a ghost. Well, we are not frightening you, there are some places like Kuldhara, Rajasthan that has been cursed with such appearances. Here’s an overview of it.

kuldhara photo
Kuldhara, Western Rajasthan by Tomas Belcik under CC BY 2.0

Now, an abandoned village was once a prosperous village established 300 years back by Paliwal Brahmins. The rumors have it that due to the atrocities committed by  Diwan official named Salim Singh the people deserted the village and cursed it before leaving it that no one will be able to reside thereafter. And till now, Kuldhara village remain deserted.

Places to visit in Kuldhara

Though it is a deserted town or a home of ghosts or spirits, the many tourists flock in to explore the mysteries. One can visit:

The house of Salim Khan– The house of Salim Khan reflects the architecture of the ancient times. Woodwork on the ceilings, the old styled staircase without railings, the balcony, reflects how the people used to live at that time.

The ancient temple- the small temple located near to Salim Khan House is an epitome of how religious the people were. The temple is small and nothing new to offer to the tourists except spirituality. The temple is dedicated to Mother Nature and inside it there are inscriptions that have helped the archaeologists to gather the information about the village.

River Kakni– The dried river bed of a small river Kakni is another place that offers a glimpse of what was the source of water for the villagers.

The tourists are not allowed to enter the place during the night time only during the daytime, they can explore the place.

Traditional Cafes and restaurant– The village is enveloped with eerie and silence, but the government is putting up their best efforts with the help of some private companies in building cafes, restaurants, and lodges for the stay so that it can become a full-fledged tourist destination. The construction is still not finished and once it is done, it is believed that more tourists will get attracted to this place.

Architecture– Another thing to look forward to this place is the ancient architecture or how the homes were built during that era. It shows us the shadow of the thought process of our ancestors.

Kuldhara village is a treasure for the people who are always in a search for the off-beat destination or for adventure seekers or for historical buffs who want to explore the mysterious remains. Even the place is ideal for the photography enthusiasts or for those who are looking to make a small documentary film.

Jurassic Cactus Park-In order to lure the tourists to this deserted village, the government has constructed Jurassic Cactus Park at the main entrance of the village. The tourists can have a look at the different varieties of cactus available there.

Camel Safari tour– The deserts are famous for Camel Safari tours.  The tourists can have an overview of the place by riding on the back of Camel. There are various agencies that help to organize the tour. It is one of the favorite outdoor activities that tourists can resort to.

In the end, we would like to conclude the town has nothing more to offer, except for inquisitiveness and mysticism.

Featured Photo: The abandoned town by chispita_666 under CC BY 2.0

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