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The Korlai Fort is often known as a gift to Maharashtra by the Portuguese. It is also known as an ancient fortification where many tourists visit for the great Korlai Fort Trek. You would be astonished to know that the Korlai Fort was built on an island which guards the way to the nearby creek of Revdanda. Moreover, the beauty of the nearby hill slopes serves as another point of interest to the travellers.

A brief overview of the Korlai Fort

Presently, this fort is in ruins, but it has a rich history. It was built in the year 1521 and is well known for its gorgeous beauty. The main fort is the major tourist attraction of this place. If you want to experience a memorable trip, then you should always opt for visiting the Korlai fort situated in the picturesque town of Korlai. It is so because the crashing of the sea waves adds up to the serenity of this beautiful place. It is also regarded as one of the perfect destination for photographers and nature lovers.

Korlai Fort photoPhoto by Taara

Korlai Fort History

The picturesque town of Korlai was also known as Castle Curlew or El Moro. The Portuguese named the island as the Moro de Chaul that guarded the way to Revdanda creek. It is interesting to note that the strategic position of this fort helped the Portuguese soldiers to defend their territory. The Korlai Fort History should be known to every tourist traveling to this historical fort. This is because by understanding its rich history, they can have a worthwhile experience. Many tourists also favor this fort as they can undertake Korlai Fort Trek in the beach.

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The Korlai Fort was built in the year 1521 by taking permission from the Sultanate Of Ahmednagar. It is interesting to note that the Korlai Fort is 2828 feet long. The average breadth of this fort is 89 feet. The Korlai Fort situated in the picturesque town of Korlai has 11 entrances with the help of which the Portuguese maintained their movement. On the other hand, it is fascinating to note that the Korlai village is probably one of the few villages in India where local dialect is being mixed with Portuguese dialect and local Marathi. Hence, as a traveller, you would witness a lot of diversity here that would enthrall you to the core.

Korlai Fort photoPhoto by Taara

How to reach the Korlai Fort?

If you want to go for the Korlai fort trek, then there are lots of options available. Alibag is nearly 25 kilometers away from this fort. You can find a lot of state run buses along the NH-91. Moreover, the bustling city of Mumbai has located 112 kilometers away. You can avail many private cabs from Mumbai to reach the historic Korlai Fort. It is interesting to note that the nearest railway station is Roha which is just 45 kilometers away from the village of Korlai. You can also avail e-rickshaws from the Roha railway station to reach this historic fort.

Things to explore in the Korlai Fort

As it is a fort that is being constructed by the Portuguese, you would find a lot of ancient architecture. The Korlai Fort history is resplendent with various forms of Portuguese architecture that make sure to attract the attention of the tourists. The Korlai Fort Trek is another exciting activity that a tourist can undertake. The road to this ancient fort is bit unusual, and it can be a good way to train the novice trekkers.

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Besides that, the Korlai Lighthouse is another main point of attraction for the tourists. It is a fully automated lighthouse that was built way back in the year 1995. It is one of those lighthouses which guides the ships and keep them in the right course of direction. You can visit the tower but after by taking permission from the local administration. You can also mix with the locals to learn their language which is a combination of Portuguese and local Marathi.

Featured Photo by Taara

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