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If you are a permanent city dweller, then living by the side of the beach is indeed a fascinating experience. This is the reason that these upcoming vacations, you should book the Konkan Bungalow so that you can relax in an enthralling manner. This Konkan Bungalow is located on the Konkan coast where all your aspirations would turn into reality. You can book this Konkan Bungalow even for a week. It is situated near the Padavne Beach at Devgad. This Konkan Bungalow has all sorts of luxury that would provide you respite from the urban life.

A brief overview of the Konkan Bungalow near the Padavne Beach

If you are someone who is seeking solace from the usual din of the city, then this Konkan Bungalow would best serve your interests. It is so because this bungalow is built on a tiny hillock that overlooks the Arabian Sea. Hence, it is prevalent that you would have a great time relaxing in this luxurious home. It is often known by the name of Villa Padavne as it is located near to the Padavne Beach at Devgad. Quite interestingly, this Konkan Bungalow spans across an area of 20 acres which is enormous regarding holidaying. On the other hand, this bungalow sports a semi-traditional Konkani style architecture that has three bedrooms and a common area. One of the best features of this cottage is that you can have an uninterrupted view of the sea from this Konkan Bungalow.

Konkan Bungalow

Photo by Ankur P

The outstanding features of this Konkan Bungalow that can fascinate a tourist

If you are visiting the Konkan Bungalow and have the considerable number of members with you, do not panic. This Konkan Bungalow comprises of 6 rooms that can be converted into bedrooms. Moreover, a substantial amount of people can stay in this Konkan Bungalow. It also has a verandah and a common dining space. You can also access the backyard of this bungalow that comprises of the plantations of cashew and coconut. You can even pick the ripe fruits. However, you need to obtain prior permission for this activity. One of the striking features of this Konkan Bungalow lies in the fact that one can have an uninterrupted view of the sea from any rooms.

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The aspect of delicious foods in this Bungalow

The in-house staff of this Konkan Bungalow would make sure that you do not have any underlying issues tasting the local delicacies. It is so because you are paying a generous amount of money while booking the bungalow. Hence, it is irrelevant to eat outside. Moreover, the in-house staff of this Konkan Bungalow at Devgad is known well for their hospitality services. You can get all non-vegetarian dishes cooked in a hygienic environment. Moreover, you would also get local fish items prepared by the expert in-house staff of this bungalow. However, if you are a seafood lover, then you need to visit the local market just after sunrise to buy the fresh catch from the Konkan coast.

Konkan Bungalow

Photo by 4nitsirk

The fun activities to pursue at this bungalow

You would not find any traces of television and Wi-Fi in this Bungalow. But you should not feel disheartened by this fact. The gentle roar of the sea off the Konkan coast is enough to fascinate your senses. For your convenience, the authorities at this Bungalow have added a swimming pool. You can relax in this swimming pool with a few cans of beer and an endless supply of fried fish. However, if you are adventurous, you can pursue the hiking activities in and around this bungalow. Moreover, you can set up your barbeque in the sands to have a great experience at night.

Some important things to be kept in mind while visiting this bungalow

If you are planning a trip to the Bungalow, then there are some essential things that you should always keep in mind. For instance, it is still great to pack your essential items. It is so because these things would cost much high in this place. Moreover, make sure that you take mosquito repellant devices with you as these winged creatures can be a menace at the middle of the night.

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Featured Photo by rovingI

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