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Kolli Hills (Kolli Malai) a natural splendor, mountainous range, situated in the Namakkal district, Tamil Nadu, India. The mountains totally cover 280 area and over 1300 meters in height. Kolli hill is a natural treasure which contains many mystical secrets. Kolli hills a part of Eastern Ghats, is standing solitary from the crowd, commercial exploitation. It has been said that many sages live here for over thousands years. Many people reported that they saw them in different appearances. The hills are full of waterfalls, gardens, and temples etc., Wild boar, deer, porcupine and other wild animals start to roam in the late evening. Many Tamilnadu tourists find the kolli hill is as their often visiting place.

The land contains 16 little tribal villages. In kolli hills there are plenty of tropical fruits and medicinal plants grow. In this hill station, one could not feel the icy cold weather and it has been always with a pleasing cool climate. Hence, the tourists can visit the beautiful hill round a year. There are totally 70-hairpin bends and the riders, drivers should be cautious while driving the vehicles. Malayalis (people of hills) are the residents who are very friendly, fit, hard-working people. 95% of the total population is occupied by them.

The top tourist attraction in Kolli hills:

Arapaleeswarar temple: This is a famous Lord Shiva Temple which made the hills as a site of pilgrimage. It has been believed that this temple leads to a secret path to the Shiva Temple in Rasipuram. It is said to have been built by the King Valvil Ori in the 1st or 2nd century.

Siddha caves: Kolli hill is famous for medicinal plants. It is believed the sages lived, researched and meditated in the caves. It is one of the trekking places where the adventurous people start their expedition. The Bogar, Agastya caves are situated nearby the Agaya Gangai waterfalls.

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Agasagangai waterfalls: If the tourists wish to enjoy the drizzling water in Agasagangai waterfalls, then there is no other way except climbing 1000 odd steps. The waterfall in Kolli hills gushes down from 300 ft height into the Aiyaru River. The cascade is very nigh to the Arapaleeshwarar Temple and it is surrounded by full of mountains on all the sides. Visiting the falls during monsoon season will be pleasant and challenging.

Tampcol Medicinal farm: Tampcol Medicinal farm is run by the State Government of Tamilnadu which is being a home to a variety of medicinal plants. This is located in the Vaasaloorpatti way. The medicinal plants, herbs, shrubs grow in the medicinal farm are widely used in the production of Ayurvedic, Unani and Siddhas products

Botanical Garden: The garden is located at 3 km from Semmedu. It is one of the most beautiful and must-see places in kolli hills. The botanical garden encompasses aromatic rose garden, breezy cottages, and playful children’s park.

Vasalurpatty Boat House, Puliancholai, Kolli Pavai (Ettukkai Amman) Temple, Semmedu, Solakkadu, Selur Viewpoint are the other exotic attraction in Kolli hills

The specials of Kolli hills

Tribal from over all the hills sell their fruits and vegetables, groceries in the shandy market. Every Wednesday and Saturday the wholesale market starts at 5.00 am and the business goes until 10.00 pm. Sweet Jackfruits, thronely pineapple, tasty plantains, spicy pepper, aromatic coffee and pure honey are famous at kolli hills which are sold here at a feasible rate than outside.


In the biggest village Semmedu, Telephone exchange, Primary Health Center, small hotels, and the Valvil Ori Statue are located. Nallathambi Resorts, PA Lodge, Silver Line Retreat Hotels, Kolli Hill Resort are the other comfortable accommodations here.

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Festival Fiesta

Near the statue of Valvil Ori, a festival is celebrated every August. People from 16 villages reach this place with their family members enjoy the celebration with dance, song. They feast flowers and fruits to their king and deities. Every May, the summer festival is celebrated so as to recreate the local community.

“Do not forget to trip Kolli Hills to enjoy the nature, tribal culture, wildlife, and trekking. Smell the forest’s odor in every breath.”

Featured Photo by Pravinraaj

Be Enthralled By The Beauty Of Kolli Hills

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