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Manali Maal Road For You To Shop Untill You Drop

If you are in love with hilly stations and lovely weather, Himachal Pradesh is the place waiting to amaze you. The beauty of nature here is beyond explanation and can make you see the things that are hard to even imagine within one frame. You can simply get to know about it here.

Maal Road, Manali – A Big Shopper’s Stop

Photo Of Mall Road – Durga Mandir Area – Manali 2014-05-11 2626” by Biswarup Ganguly under CC BY 3.0

Let’s start rolling the ball from Manali.

It is a well-known town in Himachal Pradesh having a number of popular monuments and places that attract a high number of tourists. This place is nested in the lap of mountains making Manali even more beautiful. It’s exactly located somewhere near to Kullu Valley and the Beas River Valley. If you are traveling from Shimla, it is exactly 309 km away and 544 km from Chandigarh. Manali is a small town with a total population of 8,096 approximately which identifies that you can never run out of accommodation places or arrangements here.

This town starts at an ancient trade route followed by the Karakoram Pass, then Yarkand, Khotan which is located in the Tarim Basin. All in all, Manali is a gateway to places like- Spiti, Lahaul, and Leh.

Mall Road- The Center of Attraction For Manali Natives

Those who are simply in love with shopping for different craft items with some customization must have heard a lot about the mall road. This is more like a single way road which is flooded with numberless stalls having unique craft items to brace your shopping experience at this beautiful town. Else than shop or local stalls, there is a complete string of governmental offices including- fire services, municipal corporation, and police headquarters. All these offices have been made to simplify the accessibility to these governmental offices.

One best thing about this road is, as per the governmental officials, no vehicle, automobiles, or emergency vehicles are strictly prohibited in this area to simply and safeguard the people roaming over the always crowded mall road.

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There is no doubt, shopping is a tiring experience here, especially when there are a number of options to shop from. In order to simply such needs, the mall road has countless departmental stores, showrooms, restaurants, cafes, and other relaxing places to ease people. Apart from others, the Himachal emporium is one place that offers world-class quality of handcrafted items including- pottery items, wooden products, branded clothes, designer shawls, and much more. All these factors make mall road a great and much-preferred shopping option to hop on.

In case you want to go to every possible place here, then it is great to travel with a well professional guide who can better suggest you the best places to visit at the right time.

In The End

The blog speaks about the beautiful place called Manali and it’s specific Maal Road which is quite popular for surrounded by the shoppers. There is a lot to witness and enjoy, and especially in the winter seasons. This write up says a number of things disclosing about Manali and its beauty.

Featured “Photo of The Mall Road, Manali” by Shubhankar Sakalkale under CC BY-SA 4.0

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