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Khajuraho Dance Festival, A Melange Of Music And Dance!

Dance, singing, and music is such a big part of India and it’s culture. No Indian film is complete without it! Whether it’s western dance forms or true classical Indian dances, they are loved by everyone. That’s why events like the Khajuraho Dance Festival are so popular in India.

Khajuraho's temples III
Photo of ‘Khajuraho’s temples III’ by Pedro under CC BY 2.0

Famous in the world for its erotic and ancient structures, Khajuraho is located in Madhya Pradesh. The temples situated here are one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The town is small yet scenic and notable among tourists due to these temples. It is the raw beauty and majestic architecture of these monuments that have kept the flame of Khajuraho alive for centuries. A trip to Madhya Pradesh will be incomplete without visiting this small town. Travelers come from every corner of the world to glimpse the intricate and beautiful statues, carvings and monuments. The town also holds a vital place in Indian mythology. It is narrated in myths and epics that Lord Shiva got married here. This makes it a holy place for Shiva devotees and believers. Art lovers, culture freaks and holy worshippers have their reasons to visit this glorious town. But there is a little bit of everything for everybody. Like for the foodies! Madhya Pradesh is host to a variety of cuisines and tourists are spoilt for choice! We promise you that you will have the feast of a lifetime here when you visit.

Khajuraho is accessible by flight, train, bus, and car for tourists in India. The major cities such as Delhi and Mumbai have flights running daily to Khajuraho Airport. This is the best way to travel as the train can get crowded and hot. For budget travelers, trains are available from Jhansi to Khajuraho. You can also catch a private taxi but it can get expensive. Travelers can also rent a private car or vehicle to get around town. Be prepared for extreme weather conditions as it can get really hot. If you’re there for the Khajuraho Dance Festival, it is held annually between February and March. The best time to visit would be during the months of October to March.

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The Khajuraho Dance Festival is held at this location because of its significance in Indian culture and folklore. The delicate, precise carvings display dancers, women, men, and couples. These people are caught doing challenging dance, lovemaking, and celebratory poses. Indian rulers and princes celebrated love, passion, and dance in an elaborate and complex way. These monuments are a testimony to their love and homage. The Khajuraho Dance Festival is a week-long party in honor of Indian classical dances. The temples and monuments are divided into 3 sections- Eastern, Western, and Southern. Tourists and travelers can take guided tours of these sections and learn about the amazing history behind this area. The festival is held near the Western section which is lit up during evenings. Performers from many Indian states and regions are selected to display their talent. It is a sight to behold for viewers. The beautiful night sky, the awe-inspiring Chitragupta and Vishwanath temples and beautifully decked Indian dancers. Strains of classical music fill the air and the dancers mesmerize you with their grace and talent.

The Khajuraho Dance Festival remains one of the most interesting and offbeat places to be. Great food, wonderful music, and scintillating performances await you for an entire week. Some of the best dancers and performers of Indian classical dances are selected for this privilege. You can catch the who’s who of Indian dancing industry attending and mingling with their peers. The festival is organized by the Kala Parishad of Madhya Pradesh.

Featured Photo of ‘IN Khajuraho 0906 (82)’ by Diego Tirira under CC BY-SA 2.0

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