Kerala Backwaters

Synonymous with Kerala is its backwaters. Kerala backwaters are a unique feature in India not seen in other states.

What is Backwater?

Backwater according to the Merriam Webster dictionary is a part of a river where the water moves slowly because its away from the main part of the river. In case of Kerala, this is beautiful and unique and a must visit for anyone travelling to Kerala, India.

The Kerala Backwaters

Kerala has lots to offer with its rice paddy fields, coconut palms, and her splendid beauty. However, the most important export of Kerala to the world of tourism is its backwaters. The Backwaters in Kerala are a network of man-made and natural canals, lakes and rivers that stretches right across the state from one end to another. Essentially, Kerala backwaters are a series of lagoons and interconnected lakes running parallel to the Arabian Sea coast. These are more than 550+ miles of waterways covering length and breadth of the state.

Kerala Backwaters are the mainstay of tourism in Kerala with houseboats with cooks and navigators available to explore.

As per wikitravel

“the backwaters are unique to Kerala. Meandering through the coastal areas of Kerala is a 900 kilometers (560 miles) long intricate network of lagoons, lakes, canals, estuaries and deltas of several rivers that flow into the Arabian Sea. This is a natural phenomenon, as major rivers and streams that flows within Kerala drain themselves into backwaters regions, resulting in creation of several small land strips, lagoons, islands etc, which opens to sea at few areas. Thus backwaters are one of the largest fresh-water sources and rich in marine habitat as well as adds to natural beauty. Kerala has 3 backwater regions”

The Backwaters are famous for its houseboats. Houseboat tourism has been a major draw for the backwaters in Kerala with Ashtamudi Lake Backwaters being one of the most visited tourist area in Southern India. Houseboats are complete with facilities to stay overnight while enjoying the scenic beauty around you.

Featured Photo: Shaded Canal, Backwaters, Kerala, India by juliamaudlin

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