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Kelevarapalli Dam In Denkanikottai

Kelevarapalli Dam is a ten kilometre drive from Hosur (Bangalore) having lush green hills and bamboo forest making it a very attractive tourist spot. It is located on extreme of the Deccan plateau, east of the western Ghats. Denkanikottai is known for its dense forest patches which are also home to many elephants. It has dry but pleasant weather throughout the year. Standing at a height of thirteen and a half meters, this gigantic reservoir is built over the Ponnaiyar river that originates from Nandi Hills and ours in the Bay of Bengal. Kelavarapalli Reservoir or Dam is the major source of water for Cuddore, Vellore, Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri districts of Tamil Nadu.

A thirty minutes, drive from the Dam takes you to the township of Denkanikottai in Krishnagiri district known for its serene landscapes and eternal greenery. This place is a must visit for nature lovers. Situated three thousand feet above the sea level, this part of the Deccan plateau is the prime habitat for elephants of the Cauvery elephant reserve.

The Dam, Denkanikottai Taluk and the village of Chenathur can be places to visit on a one-day trip to this area. Many people from urban neighbouring urban cities like Bangalore (which is forty-five kilometres from Hosur) often visit the Kelavarapalli Dam to escape the busy, polluted city life and explore the natural beauty here. The Dam is perennial picnic spot for families as the weather here is usually pleasant. A walk on the Dam is truly refreshing and a great way to introspect or appreciate the might of this place. The Dam also has a children’s park which is a great hit among parents who want their kids to be near nature. The beauty of the Dam reaches its epitome during the monsoons (between June to September) when a flock of migratory birds such as pelicans, spoonbills, painted storks and teals visit this place. One can even spot some elephants during the earliest hours of the day if you are lucky enough. These elephants often travel from Denkanikottai Taluk to the Ponnaiyar river during the monsoons.

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The roads leading to the dam are very famous among the bikers due to the forest belt. Denkanikottai is one of the largest exporters of roses in India and hence one can spot numerous rose gardens which are a delight to your eyes. The sweet smell is very bewitching when one passes through these gardens.

Due to the huge amount of water the sound of water flowing to the reservoir when the gates are open is deafening and can be heard from afar. This another sight to behold. The place has beautiful hotel and guest houses for the tourists.

Photo Of Amaravathi Dam by Manigandan Swaminathan under CC BY 2.0

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