KC Soup Bar – A True Charm Of Dehradun

Dehradun is more than a valley. The mountains do call mystically bringing you closer to nirvana. This city has taught me lot about trivial things in life. The college drama, long lectures, conversations in the café and frequent trips to Mussoorie, the queen of hills was a part of me for three whole years in university.

soup in maroon ceramic pot
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The city has an old history and is favorable for the students because of well-known institutions and more than that, the perfect climate. The frequent rain showers, cool mountain breeze and a sheet of fog welcomes every morning.

University life is very harsh especially when someone is away from home, living in hostels or as paying guest. The one thing which a student craves the most is good food. As a hosteller, I used to get fed up of the food that the mess served. But fortunately this city has the best treats when you need an escape from monotony of bland portions.

Influenced by a Tibetan culture, Dehradun has umpteen number of little joints serving noodles, soup and my favorite out of the lot, momos (dumplings).

I still remember my final interview at the university for admission. A scared kid just out of school had taken a chance in mass communication. After a sufficiently good interview, the first thing I craved was food. Me and my dad, new to this city had no clue but were sure of getting the best from somewhere good. KC Soup bar was the saviour then. A small shop stood firmly at the corner of canal road diversion at Rajpur road. Under that blue cover we rested and started going through the menu lying on the table. We ordered the best seller, chicken momos and soup which complimented the cloudy & gloomy weather. The lady on the counter, Leena had the broadest smile on her face while attending us. Nothing can beat the taste of the first time I had momos here.

KC soup bar was started by Leena’s father in 1985 but the shop was officially registered in 1989. They had a very small eatery back then but were considered to be the charm of the city. As I lived in Dehradun for three years, I have seen the shop grow with students storming in for the delicacy as the sessions began.

Later on they closed the shop and reopened It with the same name at a new location. It has been 3 years now that KC soup bar has started serving people with a brand new setup in Jakhan, Rajpur road. With an open sitting, paintings and statues reflecting the Tibetan culture, the soup bar shines brightly.

Leena has a wider smile now and staff who serves quality food at very affordable prices. The best you can get here at the steamed mutton momos-savoury mutton stuffed delicately inside the thin layer of flour sheet, steamed or fried. My favourite being the cheese chicken momos which pairs perfectly with their red chill, mint and mustard sauce. Chicken soup is another delight which defines the shops name. The luscious soup with hearty pieces of chicken and egg will warm your soul in a cold winter night in this valley. The shop has a variety of dumpling choices and serves mouth-watering stirred fried noodles too.

KC Soup Bar has become a brand in recent years and taken the dumpling competition very seriously. Planning to open a chain of this restaurant, they ought to bring their famous dumpling to the streets of Meerut and Delhi too.

So if you get stuck under the heavy Dehradun showers, do try out KC Soup Bar to warm you up.

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