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Jammu & Kashmir – Paradise On Earth

Jammu & Kashmir – Paradise on Earth

Kashmir has always been synonymous to Paradise.  This heavenly beauty is located in the North-western region of the country and lies between the Great Himalayas and the Pir Panjal range. Considered as one of the best picturesque destinations of India, Kashmir has all the essential elements of satisfying an explorer’s artistic demands. From high green lashes to snow covered meadows, from frozen lakes to flushing cascades, Kashmir is surely an abode for any nature lover.

With distinct summer, winter, spring and autumn, nature blooms to its very best beauty in Kashmir. One simply doesn’t have to make any effort to fall for its beauty. This mesmerizing piece of land is an unfathomable abyss and one can never justify its splendour with words. That is why one doesn’t merely visit Kashmir, one delves into its scenery. This epitome of nature that crowns India has several facets, to innumerate few are:


Situated at the bank of Jhelum, Srinagar is perhaps the most authentic flavour of Kashmir and rightfully defines the art, culture and customs of this state. A zillion words would fail in order to describe the breath-taking view of watching the snow-covered mountains from Srinagar. Enjoying the sparkling clear Dal Lake while riding the Shikara boats is a once in a lifetime experience. The best thing about the Dal Lake rides are that mobile vendors sell various snacks and desserts in Shikaras and one can purchase the same while en-route. One can even find an accommodation in the large Shikara hotels that are afloat on the lake, year-round. Srinagar is a wonderful place for bird watching too.  Physical pursuits like water skiing, trekking, boating and golfing opportunities are also available.

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‘A paradise within a paradise’, Leh surely is the epitome. The mountains and serene lakes intrigue visitors to such a point that many eminent personalities have fallen in love with Leh and have made it their second home. Leh is a promising beauty to enjoy and cherish for a lifetime. Jama Masjid & Stok palace offer what we call spirituality. There are a number of monasteries like the Matho monastery, Alchi monastery and Spituk monastery that beautify the region and increase the holiness of the place. Leh has even been successful in satisfying the demands of mountain bikers by giving them the best possible terrain they can dream of. Don’t forget to have some fun when you visit the Magnet hill in Leh.

Leh photo
20110427_Leh_scenes_132 by Friar’s Balsam under CC BY 2.0


Located about 52kms from Srinagar, Gulmarg is any adventurer’s paradise. It is indeed the best place for sports like skiing and snowboarding. No matter whether you are experienced or not, the trainers will turn you into a fun loving creature in no time and skiing or snowboarding would instantly become your favourite snow-sport. Apparwarth Peak, Kongdori & Shark fin offer best skiing options along with the advantage to witness Gulmarg. If you visit Gulmarg in summer, you would miss the fun of playing in the snow but rest assured that the place has equal entertainment for different seasons. One of the major attractions of the place during summer is the picturesque view of the lush green meadows that can be more properly cherished when viewed from Gulmarg’s splendid ropeway ride which the locals have named Gondola.


Kupwara photo
Sadpura Kupwara by Jawed Gakhar under CC BY-SA 2.0

(Photo of Kupwara by Jawed Gakhar)

Kupwara is an important asset of as it offers places of tourist interest that shares great historical significance. The villages in the district speak highly of the tradition and culture of Kashmir that has been prevalent since ages. The Ainch Mountain providing views of Kashmir is a primary attraction. The Hazrat Mehmood Shah Shrine and Shaloora Shrine are a must visit if Kupwara falls in your tour map. The infamous Lolab valley is a great sightseeing option too.

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Located at 2800m above sea level, this Indo-Pakistan border is perhaps one of the famous places of Kashmir’s heavenly abode. Along with the historical fame of the place that dates back to the Kargil war in which India won through an heroic endeavour, Kargil has always been a major attraction among tourists and mountain-lovers because it provides an uncanny combination of  nature’s extremity and its beauty. For the brave hearts, it’s an undeniable option for trekking, camping, rafting, mountaineering, etc. Places like Goma Kargil offer a breath-taking view and are considered as other major attractions of the place along with Mulbek Gompa, Shergol and Urgyan Dzong.


The Pulwana district of Kashmir is known for its blue sky. Saffron fields add beauty and makes it welcoming and well known for the variety of sightseeing it offers. While Nagberan draws nature lovers, Shikargarh is all about wildlife. The lakes of Marsar and Tarsar are one of the major attractions of Pulwana being famous for their unmatched beauty. If you are looking to study India’s past heritage, visit Avantishwar temple.


Also known as the Paradise inside the paradise, Anantnag is pure picturesque beauty. One would never be able to taste the real beauty of Kashmir, if Anantnag remains unexplored and unvisited. The place hosts a great diversity of flora and fauna and is, thus, one of Kashmir’s most prized places. A few kilometres away from Anantnag is Daksum which is a people’s favourite in terms of natural beauty. The spectacular flower beds are sure to make anyone feel as if he or she is actually visiting paradise. Anantnag is where solitude finds its true meaning.

There is so much more to explore in Kashmir which can only be witnessed in person. So next time when you plan a holiday, why not visit the paradise!

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Featured Photo of Kashmir by namita_kumar under CC BY 2.0


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