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Karnataka’s First Unique Marine Park At Karwar

For marine life admirers, there is good news. India is being gifted by an exclusive marine park in the state of Karnataka. The Wildlife Board of the state has approved the park to be set up at Mugali in Karwar. It is essentially an island called Netrani located at the banks of the Arabian Sea.

The island also known as Pigeon Island has been leveraged by the Indian Navy for target practice. But now it has been stopped and soon the island will be beaming with bustling marine life. It will serve as a prominent tourist destination for both the Indian and International tourists. The island is also famous for housing different water sports activities like snorkeling, scuba diving essentially because of its coral reef.

Diversity of Marine Life

There will be about 34 amazing and exquisite species of marine life of dolphins, sharks and whales to observe inside the park. The special ones among them are the Olive Ridley turtles, Bottled Nose and Spotted Spinner Dolphins, Whitetip, Spot Tail and Whitecheek sharks, and Bryde’s whales. All the species will be protected and preserved by the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red.

Interesting Details of the First Marine Park in Karnataka

A total stretch of length 6 km extending along the Arabian Sea coast to the International sea waters has been reserved for the Marine Park. A total of 1 crore budget has been sanctioned for conserving and protecting marine life and the wild forest life. The objective is to preserve the wonderful aquatic flora and fauna of the region, transforming the place into a scintillating tourist spot.

Fishermen can continue fishing in the area near the coast without any restrictions. The authorities are also planning to focus on Eco-tourism at the Marine Park due to its immense benefits and are expecting the initiative to be promoted considerably by the State government of Karnataka.

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Things to do at the Marine Park

Many of us are now quite aware of the marine life details, their names and their mode of survival. You can learn about the different species of marine animals, the shape of their bodies, their food habits, their survival techniques, and their life span. There will be opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving if you want to watch marine life in close proximity.

The Marine Park will not only present the unique marine life but keep you entertained with its entertaining water sports activities. You can even enjoy the coral reef of Netrani Island. Coral Reefs are an interesting feature of marine life and present an amazing experience to the visitors.

Best time to visit the Marine Park

Once the Marine park starts functioning, the best time will be to visit the park between December and January when the sea is calm and the weather is also pleasant. You can enjoy marine life and engage in sports activities with ease and comfort.

How to reach the Marine Park?

You can reach the Marine Park easily by all the three modes of transportation – air, rail, and road. If you are travelling by flight, then the nearest airport is at Dabolim in Goa. From the airport, you can hire a cab and travel a distance of 97 km to reach Karwar with a travelling time of 2 hours.

If you are travelling via train, the nearest railway station is at Karwar only. So it is comparatively easy to travel from the station to the Marine Park. Private and public bus services are also available from different parts of Karnataka like Gokarna, Madgaon, Bangalore, and others. Bus services are available from some of the major metro cities of India like Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Goa. Local transport services are available in plenty like autorickshaws, cars, and even bicycles.

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Karwar is a scenic place adorned with nature’s pristine greenery and astonishing beaches with golden sands. Encircled by the casuarina trees, the place is heavenly and divine presenting calmness and serenity off the coast of the majestic Arabian Sea. It is a photographer’s paradise and a delight for the nature admirers. The mystic beauty and the panoramic landscape enthralls the mind and enchants the human soul. The advent of the Marine Park will further enhance the magnificence of the place. It will soon be transformed into a magical place, alluring millions of tourists every year. Karnataka will surely be gifted with one of the entertaining and prestigious tourist destinations in India. The Marine Park will serve as a popular weekend getaway where you will be able to enjoy with family and friends at close proximity of a lively and energetic marine life.

Let us all keep our fingers crossed and wait for the first exotic Marine Park in the state. Karwar, “The Queen of the Konkan Coast”, is waiting to create memories among the people of all generations and genders. Kids will especially be acquainted with the lively and vibrant marine life accompanied by the breathtaking coral reef. It will be a wonderful experience to watch the biodiversity of marine life and its organisms. It is extremely important to preserve marine life and the coral reefs to maintain the ecological balance of the earth. Our environment stays protected reducing many natural hazards. Hence kudos to the State Government of Karnataka for adopting the initiative to construct the marine park at Karwar and preserve the sea animals and plants from being destroyed. The initiative will be beneficial for mankind as well as the world ecosystem.

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Featured Photo of ‘DSC08909 – Jelly Fish’ by Dennis Jarvis under CC BY-SA 2.0


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