Karkat Waterfall In Bihar

The Karkat waterfall is an amazing and picturesque waterfall located in Bihar. It is situated right near the Kaimur hills that are part of the Kaimur district of Bihar. Like most of the waterfalls around Bihar, a large number of people flock to Karkat waterfalls to witness the amazing view and enjoy the surroundings. Apart from various facilities available here, the Karkat waterfall is in close proximity to the Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the largest sanctuaries located in Bihar. It is situated on the Kaimur range and a number of waterfalls line up along this amazing sanctuary. This sanctuary has an array of animals to see and when you visit the Karkat waterfall, you will be able to go and visit these animals as well. Some of the animals include the nilgais, the four-horned antelope, the chitals, sambar deer, several sloth bears, Indian boars, Indian leopards and a large number of the majestic Bengal tigers. You can even enjoy watching quite a few birds like the greater spotted eagle, the nightjar, kingfisher, wood pigeon, grey partridge, grey-headed fish eagle, white-tailed eagle, own, dronge, the eastern imperial eagle and Pallas’s fish eagle among others.

The Karkat waterfall is a popular tourist destination that’s located near the Kaimur hills which are in Bihar. This is an amazing place to visit and is known for its scenic beauty. These waterfalls are known for various activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing.

This cold flowing waterfall is breathtakingly impressive and there’s a lot for you to do here. You can check out the amazing hills that surround it and just bask in the glory of the amazing natural beauty it beholds. It’s a great place for a picnic with your family or friends.

If you love adventure then this is a great place to come to because there are some amazing water sports that you can indulge in. Kids are known to have a great time here and love taking a dip at the bottom of the falls.

Best Time To Visit

You can come here all year around, but it’s best to visit the fall during the monsoon between June to September or during the winters between December to February because it’s pleasant and cold here. You can also come here between October and December and you’ll still get cool breeze and enjoy the fall to the fullest.

How To Reach Karkat Waterfall

You can visit the Karkat Waterfall by taking a flight to the Varanasi airport and then taking the road route. You can also land at the Patna Airport which is closer in proximity to this fall.

The nearest railway station is the Balasore railway station.

You can also take the bus or hire a car to visit the waterfall. If you’re coming by car then you need to take the national highway number 30 which will lead you to the Kaimur district that helps you get there.

Featured Photo: Sixes River Recreation Site by BLMOregon under CC BY 2.0 (representational)

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