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The Kankaria Lake lies in the beautiful city of Ahmedabadat Himmatnagar village. This is the biggest lake and is very attractive. The mind blowing and breath taking view of this lake have turned this entire spot as a vacation attraction. Lots of people are visiting this lake to enjoy its beauty and in the evening you will find this place crowded with friends and families. The sunset view at Kankaria Lake is so stunning that it makes it a popular spot for people who enjoy real beauty.

Kankaria Lake Incredible Beauty in Ahmedabad

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Easy to reach kankaria:

Now you can easily reach this perfect spot by road or rail. There are buses you can get from Gujarat city. Ahmedabad is greatly connected with almost every city including Gujarat. You can easily pick up a bus and reach this spot without any difficulties. To visit by rail, you can get down at nearest kalupur. You can also reach by means of air by getting down at the Ahmedabad international airport. Transpiration crisis is no more here and therefore you can choose this spot in no doubt.


Kankaria is a beautiful artificial lake which was built by sultan qutab-ud-din very before close to 1451 AD. This lake has its own beauty and considered as the send largest one in Ahmedabad. In the historical times, it has been named as “qutub hojj”. Kings usually use this lake for taking bath as they believe that this lake has got good water purification system. It was also reported that King Jahangir and his wife often visited this wonderful lake on evenings to relax and spend their leisure time. There is a very beautiful garden called as nagina vadi which is located at the center of this lake. This lake shows the history of Ahmedabad.

Famous Kankaria Lake and its beauty:

Kankaria is a well popular lake that captures the center of attraction at Ahmedabad city. Many people visit Ahmedabad just for seeing this beautiful lake view. The eye capturing view of this huge lake is speechless. Nagina vadi in the center make this lake a beautiful one that it is. The government of Gujarat has now put up some entertainments and other laser shows here to make entertain people and have fun. You can also hear some beautiful birds chirping here and the lake is so peaceful and calm that you can have a good ambiance. It is an attractive spot with a pleasing view. The water in the Kankaria is very clean and you can see the surrounding are well maintained.

Kankaria photo


Photo by ddasedEn

Spots at kankaria:

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There are many other spots and activities which you can do at Kankaria making your vacation a memorable one.

Kankaria Zoo: It is a zoo located at Kankaria where people often visit to see the endangered species. You can see most rare animals here including the reptiles, mammals, numerous cats and more. There are lots of bird’s visits zoo trees which makes it look more admiring. There are lots of visitors who come to this wonderful spot to see the beautiful animals and more to research and as for educational purposes.

Rasala Nature Park: This is one a famous park which is often visited by tourists. Kids are more attracted here as they have got a very good playground for kids to play. There are lots of greenery and trees that attract everyone. You can also find some animals here like monkeys, deer, goose etc. Students also come here for their projects works and to learn about different types of flora and species.

Butterfly Park: It is a beautiful park that attracts all age groups. There are abundant varieties of butterflies you can see here. This park conserves the butterflies here and there are also many other insects which you can find here. Visitors are attracted with the butterflies surrounding the trees and playing around. It would be the best time for kids to play in this park enjoying the beautiful butterflies.

Water Park: There is a water park here where you can enjoy having a fun time with your kids. There is an entrance fee you have to pay to get into this park. It is a spot where kids and adults enjoy swimming in the pool. It is a destination which tourists do not miss out while coming to kankaria.

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Balvatika and N.H Museum: This is a great museum where you can find some of the traditional and historical stuff. You need to pay an entrance fee and you can enjoy seeing paintings, weapons, and parts of the historical times. You would be really fascinated wth the extreme traditional looks and construction of this architectural symbol. There are also many other entertainment spots which you can visit like parks, balloon ride, and trains. The boating at Kankaria Lake is also something which you can enjoy having at evenings.

Spot for kids:

You can enjoy this beautiful kankaria lake and the picnic spots with your family where your kids can have a wonderful time playing around. Visiting parks, Zoo and Water Park would be so fun for them and moreover, they get to know some of the endangered species and studies about different types of trees and species. This is clean sot where you can have a perfect one day trip with your family. There are lots of things which you can do here to make your picnic day an adventurous one. Kids will surely enjoy this great spot. There is a kid city where kids can enjoy playing in the park and getting into rides. Ahmedabad special tasty foods are also available there as you can see lots of stalls have put up.

Have fun and enjoy:

You can easily choose this beautiful destination in exploring the Ahmedabad city. This is a wonderful destination where you can have lots of entertainment. You can click great pictures in the lake water front, sunset point and more to create best memories which you can cherish forever.

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Kankaria Lake Incredible Beauty In Ahmedabad

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