Kangojodi – A Place With Myriad Wonders In Himachal Pradesh

Travel wanderlusts crave to seek heaven in the myriad natural wonders of the World. Their limitless desires will flourish at the sight of Kangojodi in Himachal Pradesh. An epitome of beauty, embellished by nature’s eccentric magnificence and charm. Resting in solitude, far away from the crowded cities, it is a perfect weekend and vacation escapade.

Kangojodi is especially renowned for camping and trekking. Each year adventure enthusiasts arrive at its camping sites to witness its enigmatic magic. It’s an offbeat destination, offering a treasure trove amid the majestic mountain ranges and sprawling pine trees.

Immerse into its Captivating Beauty…

Strolling across the forest and mountain trails is an awestruck experience. Terraced cultivations, and lush green plantations purify the air with their refreshing hue. The misty clouds play hide and seek through the vast landscape, transforming the place into a dreamland.

Gurgling streams meander across the forests, offering a moment of surreal charm and enchantment. The sound of the gushing river waters entertain the ears. The deep valleys, the green meadows and the edgy cliffs enhance the charm of the place.

At night, the twinkling starry skies provide an awesome experience of eternity. You can gaze at the sky above and venture into a dreamland.

The dense forestation and the huge pine trees welcome many rare and endangered local ad migratory birds in Kangojodi. Wildlife photographers and birdwatchers spend a sumptuous entertaining time, watching the birds chirping among the trees and splashing on the waters.

Indulge into some thrilling adventurous experiences…

The campsite at Kangojodi offers some adrenaline rush adventurous and fun-filled activities. There are tents to stay overnight for enjoying the breathtaking beauty combined with the exhilarating wildlife excitements. The activities are a source of detoxifying and rejuvenating your mind and soul from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Free up your mind from the tensions and anxieties, as you allow yourself to engulf into the electrifying experience. For brave hearts, the flying fox is the best option to plunge and dangle in mid-air. You can test your balancing skills on the Ropewalk, and the Monkey bridge. If you love climbing to nourish your energy levels, then you must opt for the Skyfall.

The walking trail through the forests in between the looming trees is an astonishing experience. Ponds, patches of stones, wild flowers and the birds greet you at every moment. You can sit and relax near the banks of the river or the streams, feeling the grandeur of nature’s exotic beauty in front of your eyes.

Nightlife at the campsite is jovial and entertaining. Bonfires, campfires, delicious food, delectable drinks, vibrant music and dance delight the visitors. The entire area lights up with an air of amusement and happiness.

A Must Inclusion in your Bucket List

A visit to Himachal Pradesh is normally occupied with a trip to the mountain ranges or the prominent hill stations. Venturing into an unconventional tourist spot is often missed out. Yet these hidden treasures are a source of unparalleled natural wonders, beaming within their core. Kangojodi is such a breathtaking tourist destination, offering a plethora of golden opportunities for immersing into nature’s stunning views.

The mystic scenery around entangles the heart and the mind into its dazzling miracle. You can spend hours, gaping at the limitless horizon spread across in this wondrous place. It serves a platter of assorted flora for you to gulp and soothe your soul. The fresh and cool breeze enlivens your inner self, enticing you to visit the place again and again. The place is ideal to revitalize yourself, encircled by a vivacious radiance.

The intense beauty embedded within Kangojodi is a stunning experience. You can observe nature’s small mysteries and gems hidden along the trekking trails. These along with the charming weather attracts you more and more into its gorgeous beauty.

Few Tips for Travellers…

The best time to visit Kangojodi is during the rainy season, especially because of the bright greenery around. However you can visit the place anytime in the year. You must carry your own food and water as there are no food stalls or shops nearby.  If you are travelling via air, you need to reach Delhi. For people boarding trains, the nearest railway stations are at Solan and Barog. Buses and cars ply in abundance, easing the convenience of transport.

Featured Photo of ‘The View From the Lookout Point’ by Chris Hunkeler under CC BY-SA 2.0

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