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In Maharashtra food is all about some basic ingredients blended with pure desi masalas. Maharashtrian cooking is totally about that real local style of cooking, involving simple stuffs but at the same time taste awesome. People in Maharashtra love their food, we can say they are crazy about food. There are certain dishes from Maharashtra which are extremely popular not only in the country but even abroad, be it Vada Pav, Bhel, Poha or Pav Bhaji the names itself sound so mouth-watering. People round the globe love Maharashtrian food just as much as the Maharashtrians themselves do. In this article I shall be discussing one of the most classic breakfast dish from a Maharashtrian kitchen and that is none other than the Kanda Poha or Kandhe Pohe.

Kanda Poha: Typically Maharashtrian

Poha or the flattened rice is a classic in Maharashtra. When we say Kanda Poha we mean Onion Poha, this dish is extremely healthy and at the same time very light on your stomach. This staple breakfast item from Maharashtra is made in many variations, but Kanda Poha is one of the most popular one. I have tasted many variations in Poha, but of all the variations Kanda Poha is my favourite. The reason is mainly because of simple flavours, the sweetness from the onions, then the tanginess from the lemon and the freshness of the coriander leaves make this dish taste divine. If you are looking at some crunch too then peanuts work like wonders. This dish gives your day a healthy yet filling start. I feel Poha is one dish which is very easy to make, they are very easily available in the market.

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Other variations are a combination of onions with potatoes, peas and even carrots. These days people even add paneer or tofu and even beans to make Poha a full fledged meal.

Chaha-Pohe: Match Made In Heaven

We Indians can have tea with almost everything, but there are certain things which together are like match made in the heaven. Yes, Chaha (Tea) and Poha is an absolutely perfect match, in fact this combination is followed as a ritual in India. Where most of us like to eat Poha along with a sip of hot ginger tea. Well ginger tea is my choice, I am sure you would have your own choice.

Poha: An Important Part Of The ‘Bride-Viewing’ Ceremony

What is a bride viewing ceremony? In India arranged marriage is very common, where at the starting a meeting between the two families take place. These families are looking for good bride and groom for their son or daughter to get married with. So when the boy and his family go to see the girl to her house, Kanda Poha is served to them as a snack with tea. The funniest part is that whether the girl makes it or she doesn’t, the credit of the talent is always given to her. Poha we can say is the basis of a happy and strong Maharashtrian marriage. I don’t know how well this test of Poha Power works in real time. But this shows how important this particular dish is for the Maharashtrians.

The origin of Kanda poha is from the state of Maharashtra, this is an extremely popular traditional dish and is regularly made in almost every kitchen in Mumbai, Kolhapur, Solapur, Pune and many other regions in India. In fact, it is even popular in South India, but their version of Poha is very different as they add in grated coconut which makes its absolutely different from what the Maharashtrians make. If you haven’t tried Kanda Poha yet, then you are surely missing something in life. You need not go to some lavish restaurant to try it, just get a packed of Poha and get cooking. As I said its simple to make and doesn’t need any special skill or set up.

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Kanda Poha: The Classic Maharashtrian Breakfast

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