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India is like a rainbow, beautiful and colorful isn’t it? Yes, just like the rainbow has diverse colors, our country has 29 dissimilar yet beautiful states, each state has its own culture, tradition, cuisine, languages, and different lifestyle. One among these states is Himachal Pradesh, popularly known as the land of the Himalayas, a state of faiths, beliefs and picturesque locations.

This vibrant state with eternal beauty of those-snow mounted Himalayas with a tint of lush green trees is what makes this place serene and the greatest attraction among the tourist. But apart from its naturalistic beauty, there are number of beliefs, traditions, and myths which get people attracted to this wonderful place.  One such strange tradition going from centuries is still followed in a small village of Mandi, Himachal.

Kamrunag Temple & Its Rich Lake

indian rupees photoPhoto by Partha Sarathi Sahana

Mandi is also known as the Varanasi of Himachal, a place full of beliefs, spirituality, and love for god. This very place has a very auspicious temple known as Kamrunag. This place is visited by thousands of devotees each year to offer money, gold, and loads of rupee notes, and jewelry which is not taken by the priest or the temple but immersed in the lake of Kamrunag. This is interesting to note that thousands of devotees come to this place to offer huge amounts of money to the deity. Even getting to the temple is not a simple task, devotees have to travel 8km-inclined road that to by foot, it’s really hard to even get any vehicles, food around the area.

The Story

Every place has a story to tell, this mysterious tradition of Kamrunag also has a history. The story goes behind the time of Mahabharata.  Kamrunag’s real name was Ratan Yaksh.  His greatest idol was Lord Shiva. Keeping Lord Shiva as his mentor, as his devata, he made sure to become the warrior in himself. Through years of practice, Kamrunag learned everything he could to become a great warrior. It was at this time that the war of Mahabharata was taking place, Kamrunag decided to take part in the war.

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Lord Krishna disguised as a yogi decided to stop Kamrunag to reach the battlefield and tested Kamrunag’s courage, determination. But such was the greatness of Kamrunag. He was able to clear all the tests of Lord Krishna and came as an amazing warrior. Lord Krishna, on knowing that Kamrunag’s mentor was none other than Lord Krishna himself asked Kamrunag for his head, as a fee from his student. Being the greatest warrior, he cut off his head and gave to Lord Krishna.

This very head was brought to the hill, Kamru which is now known as the Kamrunag temple. This is the reason people from all places come to the Kamrunag lake,  and offer such costly possessions as a belief that lord Kamrunag will listen to their prayers.

Kamrunag The Rain God

Kamrunag is also known as rain god in Kamru village. Every year on the 14th of June a fair is held in the Kamrunag, and a large number of people travel almost 8 km to the temple and offer their money and precious jewelry to the lake of Kamrunag and pray for the season’s rain. It is a long-held belief that only through the offerings of gold and other possessions the Lord will grant the downpour unto the village. This tradition is followed from centuries, which shows that people’s beliefs are higher than any materialistic thing in this world. While visiting the place one can witness, the floating rupee notes in the lake. It’s like a buried treasure, and no one knows how much money is there in the lake. Peoples beliefs have even restricted them to know the depth of the lake, it’s like they have surrendered everything to the Lord.

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India is famous for its traditions, culture and the superstitions associated with them, it is not  wrong to say that superstition is what makes all these traditions as well as a country like India so interesting, mysterious and the reason for the greatest attraction among the tourist.


So, want to make some of your wishes come true, have a trip to Kamrunag, so that the Lord can fulfill all your wishes. Wait! Have no belief in such traditions? You have others options as well! You can always enjoy the trekking, wonderful weather, peaceful, serene, and calm environment of Himachal.

Featured Photo by FireTom

Kamrunag Temple- A Place Of Tremendous Beliefs

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