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The pretty hill town

Indian as well as foreign tourists are well-aware of the beauty and elegance of Darjeeling district. It is located in the state of West Bengal. But what they do not know is there is another place that commons the same importance, if not more, when compared with the natural beauty. We are talking about the hill station of Kalimpong. The quiet town is nestled among the lofty hills of the North-East. The presence of these hills and the forests has given the town a certain aura that you will not find anywhere else.

Tea trade and tourism are the two important occupations of the people living in the eastern mountains. Most of the tea is cultivated on the slopes of Darjeeling. People flock to this town to experience the fresh mountain air and the beauty of nature. The town is far removed from the bustling Mall area of Darjeeling and will provide you with the silence you seek. The city is located at an average elevation of 1,250 meters, and thus, it has such an amazing climate, throughout the year.

Kalimpong photoPhoto by प्रतीक

Places you must not miss

If you are visiting this hilly town make, you will have a lot of options to choose from. Every turn you take, every side you look, you will feel that the Mother Nature has descended with all her beauty and warmth to welcome you. If you are traveling to the tiny hill station for the first time, make sure you visit the places mentioned here.

  1. Deolo Hill

One thing that you will find in abundance in the hill station of Kalimpong is, of course, the hills. Standing tall and often masked by the clouds, the big, medium, and small hills are the main attractions of the place. One such popular spot that all tourists check out is the Deolo Hills. Geographically speaking it is the heights spot of the town. The average elevation of the Deolo Hills is a whopping 1700 m.

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Huddled into the hills, are the three natural reservoirs from where the entire town is supplied with fresh water. Due to the presence of these lakes, the people of the surrounding areas do not have to depend so heavily on artificial sources of water. Once you reach the top of the hills, you will get a breathtaking view of the surrounding forest covered valleys and the small brooks that cut through the heart of the rugged hills.

The villages located on the sides of the hills look like clusters of vibrant blossoms. If you have a flair for adventure, then there are many options for you. At the very top of these hills, a recreational park has been established. It has been attracting tourists strongly.

Kalimpong photoPhoto by Abhishek_Kumar

    1. Dr. Graham’s Home in Kalimpong

    It is another important spot that the tourists never seem to get enough of. The property was developed originally by a British citizen, who settled in these beautiful hills during the reign of the East India Company. The name of the British gentleman was Sir Anderson Graham. The property was established in the year 1900s. The total area of the property measures a whopping 550 acres.

    The place is basically known for being a hub of providing the interested candidates with vocational training. It is also considered as one of the main educational centers of the area. The spot is located near the Deolo Hills and money required for the proper monitoring of the activities, taking place here are provided by many national and international agencies.

    1. Cactus Nursery

    Among the many tourist spots in the hilly town of Kalimpong, the Cactus Nursery happens to the one of the most visited. You will hardly find a tourist who has not visited the unique garden that is full of various kinds of thorny cactus. Apart from the rare species of cactus plants, you will also be able to lay your eyes on beautiful and rare orchid flowers as well. The amazing garden is far removed from the busy town, and the surrounding areas are covered with thick forests.

    There are also different kinds of exotic mountain flowers growing on the hill slopes around the garden. When viewed from atop the hills, you will feel that the entire scene has been painted to perfection by an artist.

    1. Zong Dog Palri Gompa

    Most of the people in the hills of the North –East are followers of Buddhism. Thus, it is obvious that there will be many monasteries in the area. The Zong Dog Palri Gompa is the biggest and the most popular Buddhist monastery in Kalimpong. The Gompa was established in the year 1975. It was constructed as per the orders of the Dalai Lama. The location of the gompa is on the slopes of the Durpin Hill. Due to this, the other name of the gompa is Durpin’s monastery.

    There is a library inside the monastery that it has an estimated collection of the 110 Buddhist texts. The interior of the gompa is beautifully decorated with vibrant paintings, depicting the teachings of Buddha. The architecture and pillars bear a resemblance to the core Buddhist designs.

    1. Crockety

    It is another cottage that was established during the reign of the British, in Kalimpong is the Crockety. The architecture of the place is amazing, and you will get the chance of seeing beautifully manicured lawns. The cottage has a number of gardens that house an impressive number of exotic mountain flowers. As the location of the cottage is high, you will be able to get a panoramic view of the surround areas. The site is often visited by the nature lovers and shutterbugs. It was used as a place where the traders of wool used to gather for business.

    Apart from all these, the sleepy hill town is also recognized as an amazing educational site in the modern times. Many convent schools have been opened here and are offering state of the art education to the rich kids.

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Featured Photo by Abhishek_Kumar

Kalimpong, One Pretty Little Hill Town

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