Unveil The Deep Mystery Of The Kakolat Waterfall In Bihar

There are tourists from the neighboring states and all over Bihar that come to watch this amazing phenomenon. The Kakolat waterfall stands at an amazing 150 to 160 feet and there is a natural reservoir that is formed at the base.

One of the myths associated with the Kakolat fall state that Treta Yug King was made to live as a python at the Kakolat falls. When the Pandavas visited the Kakolat falls at the time of their exile and they lifted the curse that was set upon the king. The king then went on to say that any person that would bathe in the Kakolat waterfall would never have the ill fortune of being reborn as a snake.

What To Do There?

The crowds that visit the Kakolat falls, especially during summers are massive. You will get to see water sports and all kinds of fun activities in the water. Apart from being a popular picnic spot, the Kakolat waterfall is also most visited when the Chait Sankranti or Bishua fairs are held in Bihar. The fair is held across three days and thousands of devotees immerse themselves in the Kakolat falls water. The mythological and historical significance of this place is truly amazing. As mentioned earlier, the Kakolat falls are located just about 33 km from Nawada and it is near Govindpur police station. The area around the Kakolat falls is green and this is what makes the place special for picnics.

A number of people that visit Kakolat usually visit Nalanda and Rajgir and then move to the falls. This is a small road that is surrounded by calm villages on both sides. The greenery in this place is breathtaking. During peak season, you will see thousands of people trying to offer sacrifice and pray in the waters of Kakolat. You will even get the chance to climb the hill and see the water trickling down the sides.

How To Get To Kakolat Waterfalls?

The best time to visit the Kakolat waterfalls is between the months of October and February because you’ll get to see it flow and it will be in all its glory.

There are various ways for you to get here, but the best way to travel if you’re short on time is to take a flight to the Ranchi Airport. It will still take you a while to get there because you’ll have to cover a distance of 150km by road to reach the fall.

You can also take a train to get here. The nearest station to the waterfall is the Koderma Railway Station.

There are tons of buses that leave from Patna to Kakolat. If you’re in another city you can check for some connecting buses that will help you get to the waterfall.

Featured Photo:KarKatWaterfalls by Bihar Images under CC BY-SA 2.0

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