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There is a quote that “every flower is a soul blossoming in nature”! It’s so true that you can see the incredible beauty of the flowers at KAAS plateau which is located at satara at Maharashtra. This is absolutely stunning with great varieties of flowers which are seen here. The enormous biodiversity in this area is so popular that this has been recognized as world heritage site today. It is a fantastic experience visiting this beautiful hotspot which is filled with flora. This is an excellent collection of flowers with bees and butterflies making it look super awesome.

KAAS – The Flower Plateau In Satara

Kaas Plateau

kaas flower photoPhoto by Yogendra174

Reaching There:

  • To reach kaas it is very easy that you have a drive in your car or you can even take any local bus transportation facility which is available to this beautiful destination.
  • If you are coming from satara then it would be good if you can pick a local bus or an auto.

Outstanding Beauty:

The flower plateau is an outstanding beauty of its flora and it has becomes a great spot for the tourists to see the natural greenery present here.

  • There is a wide greenery all round and you can enjoy the plenty scenery views on the way to this spot.
  • The kaas is filled with good amount of flowers that are so colorful and you can get a best view and click out some great pictures.
  • The natural beauty with plenty of flowers is the best view in this destination. There is also a lake nearby which can give you an excellent view over the kaas.
  • This beautiful destination also has birds and reptiles that a real nature beauty is so much impressed with the kaas.
  • The kaas is like a heaven beauty that you can see small hills covered with beautiful flowers around
  • It is a natural beauty spot which are covered with flowers and lakes making it a best one

KAASPhoto by Ankur P

Season to visit:

Season is something which is very important that you should check out while visiting kaas because during the off season time it would be a waste visiting this place as the flowers may not have blossomed much and the journey would be a disappointing one for you.

  • Kaas is mainly during august to October where you can find a great view overKkaas with best collection of flowers.
  • It would after the monsoon some of the special flowers get blossomed and that stay for some period and therefore make sure to visit after the monsoon.
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Whenever you plan to visit Jaas make sure it is of season time and also about the weather like it is rainy or very cold etc.

Precautions To Take:

There are some precautions you should keep in mind while planning your trip to kaas plateau.

  • It is a area where you may not get any food or water and therefore make sure you carry enough water and snacks with you.
  • Carry raincoats with you because sometimes it may rain and you may experience a cold climate
  • The roads may not always be good and you may have to walk through roads and so make sure you have well shoes with you
  • Dress in such a way to ensure protection as you may come across many reptiles and insects so take care of these too
  • Due to heavy pollen grains you may likely catch up with cold and so don’t forget to take necessary precautions for that also
  • Do not go deep over the bushes seeing flowers as there are snakes and other reptiles may harm you

The Flower Miracle

You can find excellent varieties of flowers which are spread over the entire area and that at the top you find it a great view. The Kaas Lake is also a beautiful one that everyone gets attracted with. The enchanting views of the colorful flowers are very stunning that you will love with the god’s great creation. The delicate beauty of kaas is very inspired one and that this is a must visit destination for all those who loves nature beauty. This is a well maintained destination that people finds it very interesting to visit after each year.

Nature Admirer:

All the nature lovers out there must definitely visit this place to witness the beautiful gift of nature. This is one of the best places where you can find mixed colors of flowers of various species. You can also see some waterfalls across the hills which can give you a great scenery view to take some some excellent photographs. Do visit this place in exploring the wanderlust beauty of flowers.

  • A wonderful spot with lots of greenery that you can have some adorable moments with beautiful kaas.
  • It is a heaven like atmosphere surrounded with colorful flowers making it a wonderful destination
  • You can plan out a one day trip with your family to enjoy visiting this awesome destination where you can spend some time in enjoying the beautiful nature beyond your expectations
  • Make out a chilled trip enjoying the blooming flowers around kaas
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You can walk around the kaas taking photographs and enjoy the destination which is so extreme with the natural beauty.

Blooming Flowers:

During the season time, it is best to visit this plateau as the flowers start blooming all around giving the attractive view over the entire area. At this time kaas looks so pretty and colorful like a flower carpet all around.  It is a place where you can relax and stay peaceful loving the beautiful kaas. The eye capturing moments are so much visiting kaas and so not to miss out any views in kaas. Enjoy having a great journey in gorgeous kaas with your loved ones. There are also some activities you can see nearby kaas includes boating’s and that says kaas is a great visit over the weekends to spend your time. This is a wonderful place for photography and don’t miss out the photographs which you can cherish with memories.

Featured Photo by UrbanWanderer

KAAS – The Flower Plateau In Satara

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