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I always get attracted towards the sound, created by nature. Say it a chirping bird or a blowing wind or a soothing sound created by free-falling waterfall. This pureness makes you and your soul happy. So, my search of this took me towards one experience, I wish to live again.

Monsoon is the best season to cherish the beauty of nature and being a nature lover, I decided to have a small trip to Jog falls. Jog fall, situated at Shimoga district in Karnataka state. It is known for its dive from the 253 m which is 830 ft., makes it second tallest plunge waterfall in India. The Sharavati river flows over 230 m rocky bed and shoots downwards in four different falls. The Raja fall, the Rani fall, the Rocket fall and the Roarer fall. These four,cascades down to form a beautiful and mesmerizing white curtain which surely gives a jaw dropping experience.

Jog Falls photoPhoto by Suraj Baadkar

The Jog falls is surrounded by green lush forest, the pure and musical sound by river Sharavati is hypnotizing. Wind blows like a king in Western Ghats, range of mighty mountains covered in a mist, drizzling rain and an array of lovely rainbows flashing in the background. Oh my god! I am getting goosebumps, even while describing the setup. A picturesque view of all these and a lovely and romantic weather is all you need to have a perfect weekend.I feel blessed that I witnessed the best day of my life and best weather day at Jog falls.

To get the better view of the fall, the government has built around 1700 steps that climb down to the bottom of the hill.The spot is around 250 m down and it is quite a tiring task. Although, it may vary from person to person, depending on one’s physical fitness. Though, the base of the waterfall is far from the water, the view of Jog falls from this point is simply stunning. You cannot enter the water but there are several platforms and rocks are positioned where you can sit down with legs hanging and look up to free-flowing huge display of falls. If you’re lucky enough, there are high chances that you may see rainbows in the water. This magnificent view of the Jog fall is certainly a treat to your eyes. Once you climbed down, there is no other way to escape from and you must climb up again from the bottom. So, if you’re very sure about climbing up 1700 stairs again, then only climb down. But don’t you get disheartened, since, to make your up-down easy, there are many food stalls in between which servers lime water, bhelpuri and some other snacks to make your way easy and convenient. So, you can have small breaks and treat yourself and your tummy with some street foods and energy drinks.

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Jog Falls photoPhoto by Suraj Baadkar


Places to visit around Jog falls:

If you have some time to roam around, you can cherish the beauty of some places around as well.

  1. The Madhukeshwara temple, situated at the town Banvasi which is the oldest town in Karnataka. The temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. It is one of the oldest temple in Karnataka with impressive architecture and great history.The town is around 50 km from Jog falls.
  2. Dabbe Falls situated at around 25 km from Jog falls lies peacefully in the mountains. It is not too crowded like Jog falls and is less polluted.
  3. Linganamakki dam is neighbor to Jog falls. If you want some picturesque and wide view of the place, add Linganamakki dam to a must visit list, now.
  4. Siganduru and Chowdeshwari Temple is also a good plan to seek some blessings from goddess Chowdeshwari and to get the mesmerizing view Linganamakki dam which covers all the three sides of the village. Don’t forget to take a quick dive into river Sharavati here, which is a sacred deed as per the locals.
  5. You can also go Kayaking at golden lake i.e. Honnemaradu, which is just a 1 hour ride from Jog falls.
  6. If you’re a wildlife photographer, you must visit Shettihali sanctuary where you can find some famous and rare species of lions, tigers, bears and deer. On the way back, don’t forget to have a quick visit to Tunga Anicut dam which is also a most popular picnic site for tourists.

How you can reach to Jog falls:

By Road: One can reach Jog falls by private vehicle. Government buses and private bus service is also available to reach to Jog falls. If you’re not travelling by own vehicle, bus from Honnavar can get you to Jog falls. Else, you can also hire a cab from Sagar, Honnavar, Bhatkal, Murudeshwar. Apart from these, autos can also be found on this road, for both, up and down.

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By Train: Nearest railway stations are Sagara, Honnavar and Talaguppa.

By Air: Nearest domestic airport is Hubli airport. Apart from that, Bangalore, Mangalore and Goa can be considered, depending on the travel routes.

Featured Photo by arunkumud

The Falling Wonder – Jog Falls

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