Jahangir Palace Or Rani Mahal – A Hidden Gem in Agra

Jahangir Palace is probably one of the essential Mughal architectures. The fort was a palace meant for women who belonged to the noble household, also famously known as zenana. The Palace, also known as Rani Mahal, is elegantly and beautifully crafted. Out of all the residential buildings in Agra Fort, this is the biggest and the most striking building inside the Agra Fort. It is also the most arranged and perfect monument of Mughal Era.


Built by Akbar the Great, the architectural marvel Agra Fort was dedicated to his only son, Jahangir. And so, the name was given as Jahangir’s Palace. As an oldest surviving building built during Akbar’s reign, the fort is a treat to your eyes.

It is the largest monument of Agra Fort in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Emperor Akbar built the Palace in the 16th century.

Jahangir Palace holds a unique amalgamation of Central Asian architectural style (which was very rare at that time) and Hindu architectural style. And because of that, the Jahangir’s Palace had become an elite addition to the Agra Fort. This Palace later became Jahangir’s private residence after he became the emperor. The Palace has many secret corridors and passages. Jahangir’s Palace was designed beautifully. It was meant to provide extravagance and contentment to the little prince in every way.

The Palace displays Hindu elements with the use of intricate Hindu motifs, and it also shows the use of Muslim themes. This shows Akbar, who was a Muslim preferred Hindu designer, inventors, architects, and engineers. Jahangir’s Palace had an exciting and uncommon style at that time.

It is also the Palace for women who belonged to the noble families, mainly the Begums of Akbar. This legend gave this monument another name and is now popularly known as the Rani Mahal or Queen Palace, as Nur Jahan, Jahangir’s wife, used to reside in this beautiful Palace until her death on 17 December 1645.

Why Should You Visit This Palace?

The reasons why people should visit Jahangir Palace or Rani Mahal are –

  • You will get to see the exceptional merging of Central Asian and the Hindu architectural style. It is defined admirably
  • Right at the front of the fort, you can see the famous Anguri (grapes) Bagh, where the queen used to spend her evenings
  • You can see a bowl engraved from a single stone known as Hauz-i-Jehangiri.
  • History lovers would enjoy the visit because of the remarkable history of the Jahangir Palace.
  • It is a site worth paying a visit as it efficiently characterizes the Mughal’s lifestyle and culture.

How to Visit?

Once you have planned on visiting Jahangir Palace, you can take a cab or a bus or an auto-rickshaw from the hotel you are staying in. You can also visit after that visiting the Taj Mahal. It is only 3.1 km (11 minutes) away from the Taj Mahal, and you can take a cab or auto-rickshaw from there. You won’t have to face any communication problems.

When to Visit?

The Jahangir Palace is at its magnificence throughout the year. It is opened from the sunrise till sunset i.e., from 5:30, am to 6:30 pm. You can visit any time of the day. It is favourable to visit during winters i.e., from October till the end of March due to Agra’s unpleasant weather in summers.

Featured Photo of ‘Jahangir Palace. Agra, India’ by Juan Antonio Segal under CC BY 2.0

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